Mónica Diaz: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview

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Chapter Title:   "Exploring Integrity & Leadership"

Mónica Diaz

Director, Quídam Global

Mónica Diaz lives in Mexico and works around the globe to help companies and individuals create and maintain a healthy corporate culture. She has been a leader in different capacities most of her life and a facilitator of “The Human Element®” approach since 1987.

Her background in higher education and human potential, as well as her boundless enthusiasm make her an engaging speaker, author and coach with a unique style of delivery and provocative thinking.

In 2010, she attended the LeaderPalooza Unconference, becoming one of the initial instigators for Lead Change.   Her coaching model has helped coaches around the world assist their clients in building increased capacity for action that is measurable by self, organization and others. She has published innumerable articles and blog posts over the years. Her book, Otheresteem, Regaining the Power to Value Others takes a practical approach to valuing people consistently for increased self-esteem and sense of community.

Her current work includes Aspirations Theory, which she is deepening in collaboration with Randall Krause, and two books in the making. She is a passionate advocate of human connection through social media and is currently active in several online ventures to make her point. She is very proud to be a part of this book!

Connect with Mónica online –
Blog: www.e-quidam.com/theblog | Book: www.otheresteem.org | Twitter: @monedays | LinkedIn: mx.linkedin.com/in/monicadiazdeperalta | More Info: www.thehumanelement.com

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