October 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the October 2020 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more.


Diana Peterson-More shared Covid Communication: Spread a Little Kindness . . . With Words. Diana explains: "It's time to “redefine success” in our daily transactions. Rather than have the (internal) knee jerk/lizard brain reaction when seeing someone not wearing a mask, it's time to flip it, and to thank those who do. My line has become “thank you for wearing a mask. I am so grateful to you.” There is almost always an upbeat acknowledgment... and the show of appreciation has served as a gentle reminder, so the one not wearing the mask typically puts it on." Find Diana on Twitter at @DianaPMAuthor.

David Grossman of The Grossman Group provided 3Rs Internal Communication Model: 3 Steps to Reboot Internal Communications Through COVID-19. David shares: "Communications leaders have risen to the communication challenges brought on by 2020. Now’s the time to reboot your communications plan for an even stronger future. Use this how-to guide and get 3 free tools & templates to help you along the way." Follow David on Twitter at @ThoughtPartner.

David Moser of Decisive Blog writes How To Run A Meeting You Aren’t Ready For: 5 Steps. David shares: “It happens to everyone - you're responsible for a meeting you aren't ready to lead. Take these 5 steps to still present yourself as a professional, inspire confidence, and move forward productively.” Find David on Twitter at @Decisive_Blog.


Eileen McDargh contributed Three Lessons from a Lion: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Eileen explains: "Ruth Bader Ginsburg left us but her legacy continues on. What three lessons can we learn from her?" Connect with Eileen on Twitter at @macdarling.

Mary Ila Ward of Horizon Point Consulting shared Values Amidst the Storm. Mary writes: "Sometimes our true values are best seen when things are at their very worst. How is your company living out its values amidst the storm? " Find Mary on Twitter at @maryilaward.

Henry Mukuti of Insakanet contributed Your mind is the get way to your success. Henry writes: “Everything starts with your mind. Your mind is the compass for your life's intended purpose. Guard your mind and feed it with correct stuff.” Connect with Henry on Twitter at @hjm32471.


Julie Winkle Giulioni shared Development Plan or Development Planning? There is a Difference. Julie explains: "In a world where we routinely turn nouns into verbs (we Google this, we Uber there), we’ve done the exact opposite with development planning. It’s a verb that we too frequently turn into a static noun. So, it’s time to return to the act of helping others grow versus focusing myopically on the form. It’s time to put the “ning” back in development planning." Follow Julie on Twitter at @julie_wg.

Marcia Reynolds of Covisioning Transformational Leadership provided 5 Ways to Shift from Coaxing to Coaching. Marcia shares: "Coaxing vs. Challenging - do you know the difference? Read the explanation and 5 examples of coaxing vs. challenging so you inspire instead of push people to change. " Connect with Marcia on Twitter at @marciareynolds.

Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog shared Tips to Radiate Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls. Joel summarizes: "As the world goes remote, it’s vital that you assert your executive presence on video conference calls. Here are the 11 key tips leaders can immediately begin applying." Find Joel on Twitter at @JoelGarfinkle.

Neal Burgis of Successful Solutions contributed Successful Late Blooming Leaders. Neal explains: "Many late bloomers end up as being more successful than your peers. You maybe far from the road less taken, yet you get there when you get there. For some, it’s longer than others as you see them pass you by. Once you get there you excel at what you do. "You’re not caught up in reaching the same milestones in life everyone else you’re age.”- Koty Neelis" Follow Neal on Twitter at @exec_solutions.

Marcella Bremer of Positive Culture shared Engage in Change. Marcella considers: "Engage - travel guide for change adventurers, is a great book for anyone looking at organizational change. How to engage the majority to make change work? What are necessary change skills? How to avoid The Dip...?" Follow Marcella on Twitter at @MarcellaBremer.

Karin Hurt and David Dye of Let's Grow Leaders provided How to Show Up as a Better Leader During Chaotic Times. Karin and David share: "You can't always choose WHAT you show up to, but you can always choose HOW you show up." Follow them on Twitter at @letsgrowleaders.

Jon Lokhorst of Lokhorst Consulting shared Leading Yourself Through Crisis. Jon explains: “Strengthening your self-leadership skills will make you a better team leader and empower you to face the stress and distractions of a historic crisis.” Find Jon on Twitter at @jonlokhorst.

Chris Edmonds of The Purposeful Culture Group provided Culture Leadership Charge: Good Comes First. In this video post, Chris shares: "Moving forward, employees expect companies to make morally just decisions. They expect respect. They expect to have a voice. They expect companies and their leaders to be a force for good in the world. That’s a high standard. It requires leaders to shift their organization to being a great place to work – by ensuring that Good Comes First: good people doing good work in a good organization." Follow Chris on Twitter at @scedmonds.

Shelley Row of Insightful Leadership shared Your Organization Needs a Vision Now More Than Ever. Shelley considers: "For the companies, I work with, I know their 2020 visions also did not include anything remotely close to a cease to all travel, live events, and in-person meetings. I believe the companies who have the best chance to survive this cataclysmic event, and any future global pandemics, are the ones that already have a set long-term vision for their organization. Have you worked on YOUR long term vision?" Connect with Shelley on Twitter at @shelleyrow.

Liz Weber of Weber Business Services provided How Far Do Your Customers Say You Clear The Performance Bar? Liz writes: "In just the past few days, how many times have you been disappointed in the quality of service, responsiveness, and basic courtesy you’ve experienced? Have you considered what constitutes ‘good’ customer service or a ‘good’ level of team member performance in your organization? It's time to ask yourself: How Far Do Your Customers Say You Clear The Performance Bar? " Connect with Liz on Twitter at @lizwebercmc.

Linda Fisher Thornton of LeadinginContext contributed Leadership: Evaluating Ethical Awareness. Linda shares: “Ethical awareness may have been considered private in the past, but it has become easier to observe in a society that is always socially connected. Since ethical reputation is a defining element in individual and organizational success, it is time that we consider ethical awareness as a key element of experience when selecting leaders for our businesses, community organizations, governments, and nations.” Find Linda on Twitter at @leadingincontxt.


Jim Taggart of Changing Winds shared Know Fear as a Leader. Jim considers: "The key to moving beyond the paralyzing effects of fear in the workplace is for leaders to acknowledge it exists, commit to eliminating it through participative management practices and put it into action through a transparent process." Follow Jim on Twitter at @72keys.

Jillian Miles provided Satisfied or Standing Still. Jillian summarizes: “Long-term FIT is more likely to occur when individuals and organizations share a common approach to work and balancing that work with life. Question of the day: Are you satisfied or standing still?” Follow Jillian on Twitter at @jillian_miles.

Lisa Kohn of Chatsworth Consulting Group shared Thoughtful leaders lead and love with no regrets. Lisa shares: "In the post, Thoughtful leaders lead and love with no regrets, Lisa Kohn of Thoughtful Leaders Blog shares that Thoughtful Leadership is the type of appreciation and support – the type of love – that we can – and must – give to those around us, especially now." Connect with Lisa on Twitter at @ThoughtfulLdrs.

Ken Byler of Higher Ground Consulting Group contributed The Problem with Entitlement. Ken writes: "Workers who feel entitled are like toys who arrive without batteries. How do leaders begin to change the culture? What can businesses do to encourage workers to take responsibility for producing quality results?" Connect with Ken on Twitter at @kenbyler.

Team Building

Bill Treasurer of Giant Leap Consulting contributed How to Resolve Team Conflicts When You're Working From Home. Bill explains: "There’s no escaping the reality of conflict at work. Whether you’re a new leader having to confront poor performance issues, or a seasoned leader having to protect your organization’s interests as you negotiate with an over-dominant customer, in order to be successful, you’re going to have to be skilled at engaging in conflict. And since we’re all working from home, the ways we communicate have shifted accordingly, and this brings added challenges to the task of conflict resolution." Follow Bill on Twitter at @btreasurer.

Sean Glaze of Great Results Team Building shared The Only 3 Options to Cure a Toxic Team Culture. Sean writes: “If you are leading or working in a toxic team culture, there are only 3 cures that you will ultimately be able to choose from to make things better. Yes, there are thousands of consultants and coaches giving hundreds (if not thousands) of different opinions about what contributes to and affects a workplace environment – but even that plethora of wisdom can be simplified by boiling it all down to three possible cures.” Find Sean on Twitter at @leadyourteam.

Paul LaRue of The Upwards Leader contributed 5 Actions To Keep Culture Alive And Thriving. Paul writes: “A great workplace culture does not happen by mere implementation. Avoid the “set it and forget it “mentality and follow the simple steps to grow a terrific culture.” Connect with Paul on Twitter at @paul_larue.

Randy Conley of Leading with Trust shared The 4 Skills That Allow Your Team to Discuss The Most Difficult Issues. Randy shares: "Teams with a high "conversational capacity" can have open, balanced, non-defensive dialogue about tough subjects and in challenging circumstances. In this post, Randy Conley shares the four skills team members need to develop in order to keep team conversations in the sweet spot where candor and curiosity are in balance." Connect with Randy on Twitter at @RandyConley.

And More...

Ken Downer of Rapid Start Leadership provided Lighthouse Leadership: How to Lead Your Team When the Storm Hits. Ken shares: “Lighthouse leadership is about knowing what direction to steer your team when the storm hits. Here’s a captivating short story about heroism in a storm, and four ways to help you lead your team, no matter how bad the weather.” Follow Ken on Twitter @RapidStartLdr.

Dana Theus of InPower Coaching writes Pay Equity: Why it’s Critical to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts. Dana explains: “What does equity in the workplace actually mean and why is pay equity, in particular, so important? Salary transparency and pay equity are a powerful tool in the fight against social injustice, unconscious bias, and a lack of diversity in the workplace.” Find Dana on Twitter at @DanaTheus.

Priscilla Archangel of Archangel & Associates provided Is Your Foundation Crumbling? Priscilla writes: "Your business foundation includes all the assumptions upon which you developed your operating model, processes, marketing, manufacturing, products, and services. A seemingly small change in any one of these can threaten your viability and weaken your financial leverage. While it’s impossible to address every threat, here are 4 tips to help you to strategically decide where you want to take action." Follow Priscilla on Twitter at @PrisArchangel.

Steve DiGioia contributed This Is Why You Can’t Fill That Position. Steve writes: "You have a hard to fill open position at your job. Even after interviewing candidate after candidate, the spot has been vacant for over 6 months and you wonder if they’ll ever find someone. To make matters worse, you’ve listened to your HR recruiting manager complain for weeks about “not finding enough qualified applicants”. Maybe leadership is doing it all wrong." Find Steve on Twitter at @stevedigioia.

Stephanie Skryzowski of 100 Degrees Consulting provided The grass really IS greener on the other side. Stephanie shares: "This straightforward post is a step-by-step checklist on how to tackle good bookkeeping skills. Stephanie walks through her companies protocol to close out the month strong every time. " Connect with Stephanie here.

Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership provided The Power of the Pause. Wally explains: "Here are three reasons to pause in the midst of our fast-paced, always-on world. " Connect with Wally on Twitter at @WallyBock.

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