Pacing for Growth

Whether you’re running a race or running a company, pacing is everything. Go too fast and you’ll burn yourself out—too slow and you’re left in the dust. So how can leaders find the right speed? Growth expert Alison Eyring, who is also a long-distance runner and triathlete, found the answer in endurance training and shared those findings in her book, Pacing for Growth.

Alison utilizes her background in endurance training to explain how to apply the same principles to leadership. She brings over 30 years of physiological and psychological research, in-depth business case studies, examples from real leaders, practical tools and her own endurance training stories to help you lay the foundations for enduring success.

On this 2-year anniversary of Alison's book take some time to watch this replay of her discussion with Weaving Influence CEO, Becky Robinson. She explains the concept of Intelligent Restraint, and shares why—and how—business leaders should be more like endurance athletes if they want long-term business success.

You will learn how to:

  • deliver business execution,
  • evaluate your company's and team's current capacity for growth,
  • prevent the extremes of burning out or being left behind, and
  • identify the right capabilities and pacing strategies to transform for future growth.


If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy our upcoming webinar with Mark Miller. Mark is a business leader, author, and storyteller. He began his Chick-fil-A career over forty years ago as an hourly team member behind the counter of a local restaurant. Since then, he has provided leadership for Corporate Communications, Training and Development, Field Operations, Organizational Effectiveness, and Leadership Development. However, Mark’s influence has not been limited to chicken. He is also an international bestselling author with over one million books in print. His eight books, two coauthored with Ken Blanchard, have been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Mark also travels the world encouraging and equipping leaders to change the world – starting with their own.

You can join Becky Robinson as she talks with Mark about how to create a culture of full engagement. Engagement unleashes untapped potential buried deep within the hearts of your people. An engaged workforce is more creative, more driven, and more enthusiastic about reaching company goals. Find additional webinars here.

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