Random Acts of Motivation

This is part of a series of posts organized and arranged by Jane Perdue. You can find the introduction here and the post on networking by Jennifer V. Miller at her blog The People Equation. I also posted on Sincerity and Office Politics.  This week, we'll discuss Susan Mazza's great post on the political side of agendas at Random Acts of Leadership.

Do you consider your motivations objectively?  What about those of others?  Are you able to accurately discern what motivates people in your organization to do what they do?  Could they have... an Agenda?

Susan's post, titled What's Your Agenda? asks the question in light of generally accepted thought around the balance between leadership and office politics.  Agenda's are a good thing if we have to have meetings, agendas keep us on task and schedule.  And we all have motivations for what we do.  But when we have private, or personal agendas, we increase the Office Politics Quotient (#OPQ on Twitter).  Susan makes some interesting distinctions and contrasts between positive and negative agendas.

Check out Susan's post and leave her a comment.  Let's stamp out office politics in our lifetime! The first step is to expose it and keep the awareness up.

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