Ready for the Heart of Leadership?

Good leadership is a radical thing. Wisdom, responsibility, courage, and character are aspects of great leadership that are not easy to learn or to put into practice, but they are required if you want to truly understand The Heart of Leadership.

Coming in October 2013, The Heart of Leadership once again picks up the story of Debbie Brewster and Blake Brown. After being passed up for a promotion, Debbie helps Blake learn about five unique character traits exhibited by exceptional leaders and how to cultivate them.

Join Debbie and Blake as they discover that leadership is far more than the actions of the head or hands, it’s a HEART issue. The Heart of Leadership is a road map for those who desire to make a difference in the lives of others and become a leader people want to follow.

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We want to invite people to receive a review copy of the book and participate as part of Mark's launch team.

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