Remembering The Unsung Leaders

The realm of leadership, particularly in social media, gives a lot of time and attention to topics on the forefront of today's world:

  • Employee engagement
  • Communication
  • People development
  • Driving results through culture
  • Authenticity

A lot of focus on leadership naturally gravitates towards business, government, or non-profit segment leaders:

  • CEOs and executive leadership
  • Senior and middle management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senators, state representatives, city officials
  • Public relations, civil servants, and law enforcement
  • Military, coaches, and doctors

When we think of leaders, these roles are the ones that likely run to our mind. And while there is nothing wrong with building those leaders up, there are many more roles of leadership that we need to recognize.

So it is with the timing of this month, sandwiched between Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, and school/university graduations, that we should take time to remember those unsung leaders who round out our world:

  • The 1st grader who defends his/her friend from the playground bully
  • The family in town who visits and cares for sick friends in need
  • Pastors who faithfully and tirelessly serve their congregation
  • Students who run organizations for community and school activities
  • The teacher who makes an impact in the hearts of her students to better themselves
  • Citizens who reinvigorate the culture and climate of their town or city
  • A neighbor who cares for those around them as their own family
  • The employee who diligently arrives on time, provides consistent service, and is always cheerful
  • The motorists who stop to pull passengers out from a car accident
  • The single parent who has to provide for their children after a spouse's death
  • A retiree, such as my uncle Pret (he is 95 years old!!), who still volunteers and leads an active lifestyle

These people, who lead from wherever they are, are the epitome of what we promote here at Lead Change Group. By leading in the sphere of their lives, they encourage, energize, and equip those around them with their character and commitment to make their world better every day.

Let's take time out each day to recognize - and thank - the unsung leaders in our lives. Where would any of us be without them?

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