Remote Leadership Development

Can you develop people remotely?  New technologies are being created at a rapidly increasing pace.  And high unemployment combined with the current economic malaise has forced many companies to cut back on middle-managers and travel.  All of this creates a toxic environment for leadership development.

Traditionally developing leaders is a mentoring activity.  Mentoring is difficult over distance.  Many organizations moved high-achieving potential leaders to the home office for job assignments that would expose them to corporate leadership and give them opportunities to change departments and experience mentoring relationships with home-office executives.  This type of opportunity has been a right-of-passage for many an up-and-coming executive in the corporate world.

Virtual Leadership Development: Mastering the Seven Impact Points
When: Tuesday April 19, 2011 2 PM ET (11 AM Pacific)
Where: Online - Register Now

But with the cutbacks many organizations are experiencing, high-potential individuals are at risk because their career development may not be progressing along with their expectations.  As the job market improves many high-potential leaders may leave for greener pastures, when they appear.  How can we as leaders develop our high-potential remote leaders?  What can we do to invest in and develop our best people?

Roger Courville (@1080Group) of 1080 Group and I will be presenting a free webinar: Virtual Leadership Development: Mastering the Seven Impact Points Tuesday April 19, 2011 at 2 PM Eastern Time.  We will outline seven strategies to utilize as you develop leaders on your team using virtual communication tools.  Space is limited so please register here and join us April 19.

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