Roger Courville of 1080 Group

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a man you should meet. He is a very creative, energetic leader in the field of web presentations: Roger Courville of 1080 Group. If you do anything with web presentations, you should meet him for at least 3 reasons:

  1. He is very helpful;
  2. He has extensive experience in the area of web presentations;
  3. He can help you create great presentations and share your ideas with impact.

Roger has been in the web presentation business a while. His experience goes back to when there was only one provider, which is light-years in Internet time. However, time doesn't necessarily mean quality or education. Roger has created wonderful presentation content that you can see on Brainshark and other places. Check out his company's web site (1080 Group) and their services.  He also has published a wonderful resource, the Virtual Presenter's Handbook.  It's full of great advice and guidance on virtual presentations, how to engage an audience and make your point.

Roger's advice is practical, useful, helpful and within reach. He shares openly and provided great recommendations for me that have helped me clarify my thinking to make focused presentations that achieve a goal and make a difference. If you plan to do anything with web presentations and you'd prefer to do it right, ping Roger on Twitter, LinkedIn or at his company's web site. He's a great person to know if you'd like to improve your virtual presentation skills.

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