Show Some ID

We have liftoff!  For the last few months I've been working with a lot of new technologies preparing to build a leadership web destination.  The community of leaders we have assembled on LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter (@mikehenrysr/leadchange and @mikehenrysr/@leadchange-2) is unparalleled.  Now it's time to take it to the next level.

Thanks to Shawn Murphy of Achieved Strategies and Phil Tretheway of Trethaway Designs, we have a new badge!  Check this out.  Now you can show off your membership in the community.

When you become a member of the group, if you have a blog, we will list your blog in the Leadership Blogs page on this site.  This will serve as a free resource for people searching for blogs and it will also help both of our sites.  To list your blog there are 3 steps:

  1. Register (if you haven't already) and enter your blog in the Details part of your profile.  Click on your name in the login box and Edit Profile / Details.
  2. Then, on your blog, create a text widget.  Insert the following code which will place a 125x125 badge in your sidebar that tells the world you're part of the LeadChange community.
  3. Send a message or tweet to me with the name and category you'd like your blog placed in.

I'll click the link to your website from your profile and confirm everything.

Oh, I almost forgot the code for the badge. This will give you a badge that links to the home page.

<a href="">
<img style="height:125px;width:125px;border:0"

And this will give you a badge that links to the Leadership Blogs page.

<a href="">
<img style="height:125px;width:125px;border:0"
src=""> </a>

And if you feel like you're giving something away when you do this, you can also have the link go to a different page than the blogs link here on the website.  If you're a member, just send them to your member profile page. The way you do that is to edit the link above and replace the link for the leadership blogs page with a link to your members profile. If you have any questions, please just drop me a line.

All November we'll be publicizing the members in the community that are helping make the LeadChange site a destination for people interested in character-based leadership.  For example, we published a Contributors Carnival post yesterday.  The idea is to direct Lead Change readers back to the websites of our Contributing Members.  If we do this together, we will make a difference and our world will be changed.

The only question is, will you take part?  Well, will you?

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