Situational Mindsets: How To Boost Critical Thinking And Deliver Results

Making the right call at the right time depends on dynamic contextual factors. But knowing how to set the right goals and make the right call is increasingly challenging. Situational Mindsets presents an entirely new framework for reading current realities and provides practical tools to critically analyze our changing and complex environment.

Mary Lippitt, author of Situational Mindsets, presents a business fable describing how a new Sales VP deploys the model to reinvigorate sales, unite her team, and build a collaborative culture. The story is followed by a concise explanation of the Situational Mindset framework for collecting, weighing, and discerning wise choices that deliver results.

Listen in as Mary Lippitt discusses:

  • A new framework for developing leadership effectiveness.
  • Steps to boost critical analysis and mental agility.
  • Practical tools to leverage complexity and change.
  • A Situational Mindset process to assess current challenges and identifying new opportunities.

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