Tell the Story: Part 2

Embrace Technology

Let’s begin the second in this series with an assumption you want to be proactive with your message. Also, we’ll assume you’ve created a powerful employee promise: you have a culture in which a Better Boss, a Brighter Future, and a Bigger Vision are a reality. How do you get the word out? As we discuss in the book, Talent Magnet, a small magnet has little strength – likewise, even an organization with a strong promise, if known by very few, creates a little draw. Leaders must find ways to get the word out.

There are many ways to share the story of your Talent Magnet; however, one of the most powerful and far-reaching strategies to create awareness in today’s world is to Embrace Technology. Thanks to the internet and social media the world has become much, much smaller.

The first place people usually look when considering new opportunities is on a website. How much time have you spent on your site evaluating your message through the eyes of a potential hire? Can a potential employee quickly discern you are a real Talent Magnet? If not, it may be time for a refresh.

Social media is another key place to tell your story. Here are some questions to help you chart your course:

• What messages are you broadcasting?
• Are you being strategic or random with your messaging?
• Are there stories of engaged leadership, growing employees, and a compelling vision being lived out?
• Has someone been assigned the accountability for your social media strategy, messaging and execution?
• Are you employing multiple channels (Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)?

Social media is the most powerful leadership tool in the history of the world. To capitalize on its power, you must be intentional.

Many organizations struggle to find great people and yet never consider the picture they are painting through their use of technology. If you want to be relevant in today’s marketplace and tell your story with greater reach and more impact, Embrace Technology.

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