The Beauty Of Conflict… For Teams

Nobody likes conflict—or crisis—or change—especially in the workplace—or as we’re facing today in our lives. That doesn’t mean it should, or can, be avoided. Often viewed as counterproductive, dysfunctional, and a waste of time, interoffice conflict can be a headache for many leaders, and it just gets worse with everything moving online. But what if you could reframe your thinking and utilize the conflict, crisis, and change to start seeing possibility, collaboration, and innovation?

Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell, authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage, explain what it means to handle conflict head-on in order to spark innovation, increase trust, and build greater profit. The perfect storm occurs when vision, opinion, and passion come together to form a culture of creativity.

Listen in as Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell discuss how utilizing the potential energy from conflict, crisis, and change can be harnessed and used for transformation and driving innovation.

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