The Consultant's Paradox

Sick of trading time for dollars? If you’re tired of scrambling to find yet another client after a contract ends, it’s time for you to take your consulting, coaching, or facilitating business to the next level and gain some serious traction. It's time to get crystal clear on where your business is headed, and how you’re going to get there.

Chris Taylor, founder of Actionable Books, spends his daylight hours helping consultants and employees alike find meaning in their work and discover rich team relationships. By applying his experience growing Actionable Books 86% and expanding into new international markets, you can learn the most actionable strategies and tactics for scaling your business intelligently.

Take an hour to listen in as Chris Taylor and Becky Robinson discuss how to overcome the challenges of trading hours for dollars as a consultant, and how to break through to become an owner building equity in a business and not just a freelancer. Learn how to tackle the three biggest limiters ALL consultants, coaches, and facilitators face in growing past a certain size, and discover how you can start integrating a little-known methodology that Chris Taylor has used to double his business every year for the past four years.

If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy our upcoming webinar with Rich Brandt as he discusses what makes service exceptional. From retail to healthcare to education, we all know that customer retention is a primary objective for many organizations, and rightfully so! But what causes your customers to keep coming back? It’s more than just good service: there’s a science behind brand loyalty.

Join Rich on March 25th at 1:30 pm (ET) as he explains why buying goods or services is not just a financial transaction anymore—it’s a psychological experience, and share valuable insight on how to build the strongest customer retention, regardless of what industry you work in. Learn more and register here.

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