The Culture Engine

Culture drives everything that happens in an organization day to day, including focus, priorities, and the treatment of employees and customers. A great culture drives great performance, and can help attract and retain great talent. But a great culture isn't something that evolves naturally—it is not an amorphous thing. It comes down from the top, inspired and exemplified by the leadership. It can steer a company up or down, keep it on mission, or force it off-course. For an organization to fulfill its potential, the culture must be on-point, truly reflecting the heart of the company from leaders to team members.

Chris Edmonds, author of The Culture Engine, shows leaders how to create a high performing, values-aligned culture through the creation of an organizational constitution. He helps leaders define the playing field, pushing performance to the next level, by guiding them in deciding which behaviors and attitudes are desired, learning the most effective way to get everyone on board, and modeling desired behaviors to boost engagement throughout the process.

Join us for an hour of content and conversation with Chris and Becky, as they discuss principles and ideas found in The Culture Engine and share real-life examples. You will learn how to define your organization's culture, delineate the behaviors that contribute to greater performance and greater engagement, and draft a document that codifies and guides those behaviors toward a safe, inspiring workplace. If you’re ready to discover how an organizational constitution can help transform your company, watch this today!

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Join Bonnie and Becky Robinson on October 10th at 1 PM ET to explore the dynamic of office politics, how women can use the tools in the political toolkit to become politically savvy, and what companies can do to help support women in the workplace. Learn more and register here.

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