The Genius of Opposites

Do you often get frustrated with the introverts or extroverts in your world? It’s true that opposites attract, but their success depends on how they interact. Without careful maintenance and balance they quickly go off the rails. During this hour-long webinar, you will learn how to turn frustration into an incredible collaboration that yields long lasting results.

Jennifer Kahnweiler, bestselling author and global keynote speaker known as the “champion for introverts,” says the key is for opposites to stop emphasizing their differences and use approaches that focus them both on moving toward results. Her first-of-its-kind practical five-step process helps introverts and extroverts understand and appreciate each other’s wiring, use conflicts to spur creativity, enrich their own skills by learning from the other, and see and act on things neither would have separately.

Set aside an hour to listen in as Jennifer walks you through a framework based on her extensive research and experience, also shared in her book The Genius of Opposites, and offers insights that can change the way you view all of your relationships! As she shares how to perform the delicate balancing act required to create a whole that is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, you will learn to apply the five essential elements necessary for success, where things can go wrong, and practical solutions that can be applied today.

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