The Most Cost Effective Way To Engage Your People

Do you remember Bob Nelson's series of books 1001 Ways?

The titles ran the gamut of:

Why were these books so popular, and why do they continue to have a place on leaders' bookshelves still today? It's because of the power of giving value to your people and acknowledging their efforts.

Many books have properly outlined the power of effective praise and recognition. From Nelson's books to Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson's New One Minute Manager and its predecessor to Michael Lee Stallard's Connection Culture, the inherent need to create an approach and culture that validates your people is powerful and proven.

For all the note card, bell ringing, and public praise methods, each author agrees on the most simple and cost effective method for engaging their people.

The Simple Thank You

I noticed in my early career how much this meant to my team. I learned how at the end of their workday they left with a smile because of a simple thank you. How the long grueling days in the hospitality industry melted away when staff members knew their efforts were appreciated ("Thanks, Lisa, you killed it today."). How the last interaction of the day became their last thought and made them look forward to coming in the next day, knowing that their contributions were noticed.

The most effective leaders I know work diligently to thank their people. The validation can come from end of day departures and acknowledging extra effort on the fly, to even just thanking them for doing their normal work, giving input, or being positive throughout the day. These leaders know the value of their people and their basic need of feeling important, the feeling that their top three needs on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (belonging, esteem, and self-actualization) are being met.

Take every opportunity to find reason to thank as often as you can. That presentation didn't go quite well? Thank them for the time and effort they put in anyway. The account dropped out to do business with a competitor? "You did a great job meeting their needs Marcie!" The 2nd shift comes in when your first shift leaves; thank them for working strong during the evening hours. Simple and genuine acknowledgement yields committed people and sustained performance.

Thanking your people for their everyday efforts is a simple and easy way to make a powerful lasting impression in your organization. Make every connection a reason to find and give thanks to your people.

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