A Chance to Make a Difference for Dan Rockwell

As of January 14, 2012, we've raised over $18,000 for Dan. Thank you for your generosity. If you'd like to help him further, you can contact Dan directly.

Update as of midday on 12/24: in the past 24 hours, we've seen our contributions double, in large part to a sizable anonymous donation. We are at 40% of our goal and we are thankful for a generous friends who are giving to this effort. Will you continue to share and invite others to give to help us reach our goal of $30,000 by January 1, 2012. Read on...

If you have learned from Dan Rockwell

If you have been encouraged by his words

If you have been inspired by his wisdom

If you've been challenged by his insights

If you've been motivated by his coaching

If you've received his generosity

If you consider yourself a part of his community, his tribe, his online family...

We invite you to GIVE to help Dan.

We're hoping to raise $30,000 by January 1, 2012, to help Dan with expenses he's incurred as a result of a car accident on Sunday, November 21st.

If each friend who reads and follows Dan's blog gives what they can, we'd reach our goal very quickly.Let's join together and make a difference.

We have a chance to help. We have the chance to make a difference.

THOUSANDS of people read Dan's blog each day. THOUSANDS benefit from the value he shares. If we join together, we can send a powerful statement to Dan about his value to us as a community.

During this busy season of giving, would you take a moment to share a gift with Dan?

And, would you be so kind as to share this post with others? Send a few tweets, share on Facebook or Google+, link to this post from your blog,  or send a link to this post in an email to friends. We would appreciate whatever you can do to help us involve others in this effort.

Through the Lead Change Group, we'll be able to help Dan through this difficult time. Funds will be directed to Dan through the Lead Change Group, and only a modest amount will be deducted to pay PayPal fees. The rest of the money will go directly to Dan to help with medical bills and ongoing expenses he faces as a result of his accident and injury. And all your gifts through the Lead Change Group are tax deductible.

If you haven't heard about Dan and his story, read on for more information...

Early Thanksgiving morning, I received a tweet from my friend Jesse Lyn Stoner, alerting me that our friend, Dan Rockwell, had been seriously injured in an auto accident. Right away, I scoured Dan's Facebook page and blog looking for information. A few days earlier on a sunny Sunday morning while driving down a familiar road, Dan's truck collided with a tree (he doesn't remember the details of what caused the accident.)

The good news is that, due to quick intervention by medical professionals and God's kindness and protection, Dan survived the accident and is on his way to recovery. It's been a rough road so far for Dan; he sustained extensive injuries including a shattered hip, broken hand, and injured neck.

I have been privileged to call Dan my friend over the past few years. I met him soon after he started his blog, Leadership Freak. He came out of nowhere and quickly established his blog as one of the most-read and most-loved leadership blogs. He's created an amazing community of readers, fans, and followers.

What has most impressed me about Dan, from our first phone call in the early 2010, is his unending generosity to others. Dan never stops looking for ways to add value to others. I watched as he increased his blog posts from five days a week to seven in his quest to continue to bring his encouragement, insight, and wisdom to his readers. His consistency and dedication are unparalleled.

Dan has given so much to me; he's given so much to all of us who are blessed to interact with him online.

We now have a unique opportunity to give back to him.

Due to the accident, Dan is facing huge financial burdens — out of pocket expenses for his medical bills and other expenses related to his hospitalization, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Will you give, today, to help meet the need Dan and his family are facing? Let's join together and show our love, care, and appreciation to Dan.

Also, stop by Dan's Facebook Page and give him your get well and Merry Christmas wishes too!

Many thanks to Lolly Daskal, Jesse Lyn Stoner, and Mike Henry who have worked with me to bring this together. Also, thanks to Anthony Mejean for donating his talent to our cause in creating the graphic.

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