Top Quotes On Leadership From Mike Henry

If you're familiar with LeadChange Group, then you're familiar with the name Mike Henry.  Mike is more than just the founder of LeadChange Group; for nearly everyone he encounters, Mike becomes a blend of confidant, encourager, sage, & friend.  His vision for Character-based Leadership has ignited that same passion in hundreds of other leaders, and countless others whom those leaders influence.  I have read many of his past posts, and found some nuggets of wisdom, challenge and passion I'd thought I would pass on to you all, in case you might have missed them!

A Rising Tide In Leadership

"Leaders in the next generation want to be inspired more than led, encouraged more than trained, launched more than instructed, and mobilized more than directed."

Who's Leading Who?

"We have to resist the pull to a life of routine reactions to our circumstances. We must dig our heels in and resist the pull to mediocrity. We must be people who lift others and who challenge others or we won’t have anyone to lift and challenge us."

The Opposite of Leader

"Victim is my new word to describe the opposite of leader.  No one likes being a victim, but I catch myself blaming others for my circumstances and my position and at that moment I become a victim.  When I remember I can always choose my attitude and my reaction, I become a leader, at least of myself."

Leadership and the Contemporary Church

"What if leadership is nothing more than intentional influence? What if great leaders are those who intentionally influence great numbers of people to accomplish great things?"

Jack Henry: Responsibility & Persistence

"Who you are matters. It’s much more important than what you say or what you intend. It’s much more important than who you know or how much stuff you have... Your "who-you-are" is the only message you have. It’s the only story anyone will remember of your life."

A Quotation for the US Election

"Leadership demands that we bring ideas and solutions instead of criticism and discord. We must argue for our ideas, rather than against the others."

Ambition of Great Leaders

'Ambition isn’t the problem. The object of our ambition is."

Heretical Leadership

"No one needs a leader to lead same.  This is a community of heretics, leading change; and changing leadership.  We believe we each individually can inspire character-based leadership and make a positive difference in ourselves, in others, and in our communities. Character-based leadership is each of us leading from who we are and not our power or position."

Stand Out

"As for me, I don’t want to be lukewarm.  I don’t want to “go down easy.”  I want to make a difference in the world "

Transparency & Leadership

"Transparency enables sincerity and trust. Trust is the lubricant that enables organizations to function, grow and prosper. Trust enables success."

Love, Accountability & Leadership

“If you messed up, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you?”

Character vs. Charisma in Leadership

"True character creates true influence. To generate influence through any other means is simply manipulation."

Leadership: Production vs. Consumption

"As leaders, we’re measured by what we ship, not what we receive."

Change Leaders or Change Leaders

"If we fear the future more than the risk of change, we’ll pursue the change."


Thanks Mike, for continuing to set the pace and challenging us as leaders to grow, to listen, to stand out and make a difference!

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