Triggers: Becoming the Person You Want to Be

In business, the right behaviors matter. But getting it right is tricky. Even when we acknowledge the need to change what we do and how we do it, life has a habit of getting in the way, upsetting even the best-laid plans. And just how do we manage those situations that can provoke even the most rational among us into behaving in ways we would rather forget?

Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling author of Triggers, confronts head-on the challenges of behavior and change and examines both environmental and psychological triggers that can derail us at work and in life. Drawing on his unparalleled experience as an international executive educator and coach, he invites us to understand how our beliefs and environments can trigger negative behaviors or resistance to change. But he also offers up some simple, practical advice to help us navigate the negative and make the most of the triggers that will help us to sustain positive change.

Set aside an hour this week to learn how to identify internal and external triggers so you can anticipate, avoid, or adjust to situations that would normally cause trouble. Discover how to increase your personal effectiveness, improve your performance and well-being, and follow through on becoming the person you want to be.

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