Turning Negativity Into Positive Results

There is no more time to put it off—you have to have that difficult conversation. It is possible the person you need to talk to will be angry, resentful, or just shut down; but you don’t have to leave feeling upset or inadequate. You want people to stretch their limits, but your conversations meant to help them often fall flat or backfire, creating more resistance than growth. Here's the good news: there are ways to stay on top of a difficult conversation and achieve a positive outcome.

Top leadership coach Marcia Reynolds offers a model for using the Discomfort Zone—the moment when the mind is most open to learning—to prompt people to think through problems, see situations more strategically, and transcend their limitations. Drawing on recent discoveries in the neuroscience of learning, Reynolds shows how to ask the kinds of questions that short-circuit the brain’s defense mechanisms and habitual thought patterns. Then, instead of being told, people see for themselves the insightful and often profound solutions to what is stopping their progress.

Listen in as Marcia Reynolds and Becky Robinson discuss how to turn difficult conversations into breakthroughs, and discover how to use discomfort in your conversations to create lasting changes and an enlivened workforce! You will learn how to mentally prepare for an uncomfortable conversation; move away from your judgment and reactions back to listening when the conversation triggers your emotions; use mirroring techniques, honest feedback and powerful questions to shift how someone thinks about a situation; and access your three major processing centers in your neural network so you know what questions to ask that will lead to new perceptions and behavior.

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