Turning Time Management Into Life Management

The concept of time management is outdated. You can’t manage time. You can manage life. Often, the ambitiousness of our plans does not result in equally laudable accomplishments.

Time managers aim to do as much as possible. Life managers concentrate on what they have done.

Time management tools such as Google Calendar, Asana, Jira, Evernote, and Outlook are useless if you don't know the main trick that makes such applications effective: self-discipline.

Without Self Discipline, Tools are Useless

Filling up your digital agenda with assignments only works if you prioritize them bearing in mind the factors of time, importance, and necessity. To do a simple list of tasks is half the battle. But to win the war you should be focused on priorities. It is ineffective to do everything at one time. You should learn to go deeply into one task and stick to your objective until it is achieved.

Concentrating on one thing sounds simple but it takes years of practice to learn to be completely focused. Taking up this challenge is a direct way to efficiency and happiness at work. You won't lose anything if you check your messenger and email after you have completed the A-priority tasks.

Take Joy in Your Work

It is not a secret that feeling pleasure in your activity increases efficiency, so enjoy what you are doing. If you are not in the right mood to complete an urgent task on your agenda think of something happy that can help you shift your mental gears motivate you to cross that task off the list. A piece of chocolate, a funny video, jumping jacks – anything that will switch your mood to happy so that you can continue working efficiently.

Take Breaks

Another life management tool and significant efficiency booster is a simple break. Our brains, bodies and souls need breaks and can’t function without them. Life management postulates that an efficient worker either works well or does not work at all.

Everyone has their own methods of relaxation. Close your eyes, calm down, refresh your mind. Doesn't sound good? Stand up, sit down, do simple physical exercises. Don’t hesitate to give your body and mind the type of rest it wants and deserves.

Get Closure On Your Day

At the end of your working day, look at your list of tasks to see if you have managed to complete all of them. Assess your satisfaction with the quality of your work. Savor what went well; plan to improve on what could have been better.

Life managers know how to be focused on tasks, not the hands of a clock. Surprisingly, when you think of a time limit while working you lose about half of productivity to the pull of the anxiety of getting the work done quicker as opposed to well.

Prioritization, concentration, relaxation are integral components of efficiency which lead life managers to undeniable success.

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