We or Me – It’s Up to You

Social media, as with most things in life, can be exploited for personal gain or maximized as a tool for sharing, giving and inspiring others to live to their biggest and best potential.

Are you in it to win it – for yourself, or for others?

It’s that simple, and that complicated.

At one end of the continuum is the me-focused view depicted by publicist and author Mitch Joel in a provocative post, Confessions of a Narcissist:

“…the true destination for most of our online endeavors really are the new media equivalent of the biblical statues that were presented as deities. These digital shrines that we create to ourselves. The photos are almost as unrealistic as our expectations that we'll get some semblance of happiness from all of these digital ego boosts that we live in.

At the other we-focused end is Dr. Jack King’s Northfork Center for Servant Leadership where the goal is:

“…helping our neighbors (communities and organizations, large and small) advance noble causes for peace and freedom in every corner of the globe.”

Where you park on that continuum is your choice.

If your leadership journey involves authentically connecting with and developing others, getting that right depends on getting you right.

Getting you right requires self-awareness and self-confidence.  I think it also includes a Google Alert or two – effective ways to keep tabs on your marketing and promotional efforts.  It’s self-absorbed only if your sense of self-worth goes into a tailspin if the tallies aren’t sufficiently robust. Sharing information about who you are and what you do builds credibility, a cornerstone of trust (provided it’s trust you’re seeking, not adulation.)

Social media engagement is narcissistic if your intentions are me-centered…and stop there.  If your intentions are we-centered, social media is an incredible instrument for making a positive difference.

And what’s really cool is that it’s all up to you.

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