Welcome to the New Lead Change!

My team and I are really excited to introduce and unveil the new Lead Change. Here’s what’s new:

Our look.

We hope you like the fresh new colors and logo and the exciting way we’re presenting content on our new magazine-style homepage. You can browse our latest posts on the topics that interest you most.

Our approach to content.

It is our goal to share thoughtful, relevant posts every weekday that will equip you to grow as a leader and a person. We also want to showcase great work from regular contributors.

Our focus on continuous improvement.

Whether you read our content or want to write content for our community of readers, we want to continue to improve your experience, the quality of work we present, and the ease with which you can access learning. We also want to continue to grow interest in the content we create, attracting new readers.

Our team.

Ellen Snyder is now managing Lead Change and is ready to support you in making your Lead Change experience seamless, fun, and productive. Whether you’re a reader or a contributor, we want to help you find what you’re looking for when you visit our site.

With the launch of the new site, we’ve shifted the way we showcase our contributors. What you’ll see is our top/most regular contributors featured on our contributors' page. When you click through to their pages, you’ll be able to see all their articles. For other contributors, including those who are not regularly posting at the current time or who have only posted intermittently, you’ll see a bio, but not a contributor page.

Interested in getting involved? Here are a few ways:

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Whether you’re new to Lead Change or you’ve been a part of Lead Change since the early days, we hope you’ll stick around as we move into a new era.