What Is LeaderPalooza, Anyway?

We've spoken quit a bit about LeaderPalooza but more than one person has asked for clarification. Much of what we've said to date refers to what LeaderPalooza is not, rather than what it is.  It's not even a conference, but rather an un-conference!

So what is LeaderPalooza going to be anyway?

LeaderPalooza will be a small gathering of people committed to advancing a cultural movement on behalf of character-based leadership.  For two days, we will focus on doing things together, as a group, to advance the idea of character-based leadership. You know many of the names that will be there. People who have registered include Monica Diaz, Jane Perdue, Don Shapiro, Steve Keating, Jim Holland, Erin Schreyer, Susan Mazza, Chris Zaucha, and Mark Oakes.

The true benefit of character-based leadership is the difference it makes so we will focus on the difference we can make.

"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Because it's an un-conference, some details will be finalized when we get together.  But we have all expressed an interest in discussing how we can work together help one another affect our world through character-based leadership.

  • What role will social media and community play?
  • How can we measure the positive difference and make our case?
  • How can we instigate real change in our communities and our spheres of influence?
  • What types of outcomes can we produce, or how can we make something tangible to show the rest of the world we mean business.  (Right now, we're talking about collaborating on e-books and white papers as well as creating other types of team outcomes.)

We're serious about helping one another make a difference in each of our own corners of the world knowing that you can only change the world one corner at a time.

Thanks to our members, the Lead Change Group is making a difference. LeaderPalooza 2010 will never pass this way again. There will be others and our world needs all the projects and positive difference we can create.  But this will be our first.  Why not take a chance and join us?

Photo © Péter Mács - Fotolia.com

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