What Keeps a Bounce in Your Step?

Age doesn't matter. Experience doesn’t matter. What happens is time begins to wear on us. It isn’t time itself necessarily. What matters are the events and people that begin to wear us down. No offense to anyone, except maybe the ones who erode us intentionally or with a complete lack of any empathy.

What wears us down isn’t just people. Events have a way of running over us and eventually they leave marks. Unexpected and unfortunate events shock us and challenge us in our recovery. Smaller, troubling events grind us down over time and, in time, all that is left is a stub of our former selves.

This is life. This is a personal leadership challenge.

Our personal leadership challenge is to determine ways to keep that bounce in our step and spark in our hearts.

To gain some added perspectives on this, we asked the Lead Change community for ideas on what keeps a bounce in their steps. Here is what we learned.

How Do You Keep a Bounce in Your Step?

Paul LaRue: Knowing two things: 1) I'm serving others, building them up; 2) I'm staying true to my values and growing within them. I'm happiest when I'm congruent to these.

Pioneer Outfitters: Knowing I have touched someone. Being connected to all of you. Acknowledging how blessed my own life is and that I CAN share it with you… and am able to do so. THAT is what keeps me snappy and happy!

Chery Gegelman: God, Bringing understanding to others, riding Harley with my hubby, Marble Slab ice cream!

Carey Green: 1) My God. 2) My family. In that order.

Jane Anderson: Hope and anticipation of what the next moment could deliver. God has brought me through some unparalleled challenges this year. I have not lost the bounce in my step because of hope and because I believe that if I get the inside right, the rest will unfold just as God intends. Hope.  Psalm 16:5 "Lord, you give me stability and prosperity; you make my future secure."

Johann Gauthier: Being appreciative of how privileged I am to being alive and contributing to growing others endlessly!

Mike Henry Sr.: The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people.

Kate Nasser: Definitely lifting others up. Also, great music and dance that refill my spirit.

Keeping a Bounce in Your Step

The community thoughts weave together several important themes:

  • Making a difference in the lives of others; serving others
  • Hope and faith
  • A strong dash of fun
  • An awareness of what it means to be alive

There is nothing too complex in the mix of what it takes to keep a bounce in our step. Simplicity may key.

  • To serve others, we need to emerge from our corners and go into the ring of life, giving our time and talents
  • To have hope and faith, we need to engage in meaningful conversations and enter into practices to understand our role in a larger purpose
  • To have fun, we need to share a laugh, a smile, and surprise ourselves and others by doing something out-of-the ordinary
  • To enhance our awareness of what it means to be alive, we need to understand the beauty of our short time to make a big difference

Each generation has their challenges, and it is so easy to bury ourselves in what is wrong. We cannot afford to get buried while we are still alive! Rather than hanging on to our problems, we need to release them by extending a hand, lifting up a spirit, and smiling at all who enter our space.

Simplicity shines through life’s complexities. We just need to focus on what is possible and believe anything is possible, if we choose to live and lead with a bounce in our step.

Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is vital. Keeping a bounce in our step is not an idealistic calling. In our leadership, we cannot afford to lose our view on what a better day looks like. We need to wrap our realism in a sound sense of optimism.

The call for leaders is simple:

  • Solve problems
  • Focus on a bigger purpose and engage others around it
  • Trust others
  • Bring out the best in others
  • Show your best in all you do as often as you can
  • Laugh and carve out time to just play and have fun

Are your ready to go grab some ice cream? Are you ready to live in a way to make your spirit and others smile? Are your ready to lead in a positive way?

I am. I hope you are too.

How do you keep a bounce in your leadership and life steps?


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