Women and the Paradox of Power

Instigator Jane Perdue (profile, posts, website, @thehrgoddess) and Dr. Anne Perschel (website, @bizshrink) have recently published an important new research report titled Women and the Paradox of Power: 8 Keys for Transforming Business Culture (scroll down a bit to find the "Download" link).  A post that says more about the research paper and has a download link is also located on Jane's blog.

Leadership is influence and influence is power.  Power is the capacity to bring about change.  Jane and Anne have identified 5 keys that women must do, and 3 things organizations must do  to begin to close the gender gap.  For the women, you must read the section titled "Ditch Cinderella."  The authors use the story of Cinderella contrasted against the story of Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz to make an interesting point.  Can you guess the contrast?  Check out the report!

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