Work-Life Balance is Dead

Do you constantly have an internal dialog about not doing enough? Do you make a mental “sticky note” of the three to five things that you absolutely must get done today—only to find at the end of the workday that not only did you fail to get those things done, but you’ve added more items to the list? Do you hold on to an internal belief that “somehow, someday” you’ll get caught up?

Flip Brown, founder of Business Culture Consultants and author of Balanced Effectiveness at Work: How to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor without Driving Yourself Nuts, believes that we always have options no matter what our work situation is—however we frequently default into blame, withdrawal, or just plan crabbiness! His book is a resiliency manual for anyone who works for a living, in which he addresses the chronic dissatisfaction that comes from being in a crazy-paced, priority-confusing, soul-sapping workplace.

Set aside an hour to listen in as Flip shares his “Top 10 Tips” to make being at work work better. You will learn about the chronic dissatisfaction that comes from trying to do more than you can actually do. Flip’s approach is a light-hearted but in-depth look at working and living well, presented in a unique news-you-can-use format. His tips will provide you with real options, helpful resources, and renewed optimism to find more meaning and fulfillment, both in and out of work.

If you enjoyed this video, you may also enjoy our upcoming webinar with Bonnie Marcus, author of The Politics of Promotion, as she discusses how to develop personal authentic leadership. She shares how best to position yourself as a leader in a crowded field, and how to avoid some common traps that hold us back from showing up as authentic leaders.

Join Bonnie and Becky Robinson on November 13th at 1:00pm (ET) to learn specific tools for becoming a more effective, authentic leader. This interactive discussion will be a valuable resource to anyone interested in self-development as a tool for leadership. Learn more and register here.

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