You Need a Transformational Business Coach

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Today, as cycles of technology, market conditions, and competitive environments continue to accelerate, responding in an agile and flexible fashion to that world requires clarity, more than ever before.

However, how do you get better in the face of increasing complexity?

I would suggest that focusing on how good you are going to be is what matters.

The problem often is, however, that you may not recognise the issues standing in your way — and, if you do, you may not know how to fix them. I worked recently with a client who thought their business was doing fine. It was, but now it has the potential to do even better. I worked with another client planning fast growth for his telecommunications business. He knew what to do, but was not sure he was approaching the tasks needed in the best order.

Whether you think things are going well or you have hit a plateau, or an obstacle seems too high to surmount, that is why every entrepreneur needs a transformational business coach.

Such coaches bring a whole other level of awareness — providing an accurate picture of your reality. They recognise the fundamentals, break them down, and help you build them back again. They support and challenge; they seek the evidence; and they nurture your soul, mind, and spirit.

If you are looking to recruit a transformational business coach — and you should be — here are nine essential qualities to look for.

1. Experience

Look for a depth of knowledge based on failures and successes and accomplishments. I have led small to large enterprises. I have started up companies. I have made many mistakes along the way, and I learned from each one. I have achieved great success for myself and others.

2. Attitude

Primarily, this must be focused on learning, the journey ahead, the ‘big picture’; and where it is coupled with humour and positivity, will be best suited to providing excellent challenge and support.

3. Resilience

They are willing to share the good and the bad in a persistent and determined manner – a coach who continues to learn does not quit. They will evidence resilience and grit and will ensure that you do the same.

4. Expertise in their field

They may have qualifications — among other things, I have a Masters in Management and Organisational Development. However, I have gained more knowledge through over forty years developing individuals, teams, and organisations on a firsthand basis.

5. Connections

An excellent transformational coach can open doors for you. They will know people who can complement what they do. For example, I have a strategic HR partner, and access to a range of networks, including internationally.

6. Accessibility

An excellent transformational coach is available to you in the way you need it – by phone, online, or through face-to-face contact. I am familiar with and use Skype, Zoom, Facebook Live, and other digital platforms. However, I find face-to-face works best, as seeing whole body language better complements what I see in a person’s eyes, face, and upper body online. At times, it might be horses for courses, but being close up and focused is what works best for me.

7. Expectations

An excellent transformational coach ensures both parties are clear about what each other requires and works to ensure those expectations are met each way. They are also unafraid to raise other matters should they feel that this is needed.

8. Love of teaching

An excellent transformational coach will love helping other people. They want to make a massive difference in the lives of their clients. They will move heaven and earth to do what makes that happen. They will also share everything they know to do that.

9. Accountability

I care about how you are doing, and I do not let you become invisible. However, accountability works both ways, and I expect you to follow through with what we discuss. Clients that do not do that, tend not to remain clients for long.

I wish you joy in finding and working with an excellent transformational business coach!

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