SymbolicPeopleinCircleWith all the talk about Employee Engagement it seems as leaders we are primarily asking the question “Are THEY engaged?”

You may well be fully engaged, but if you are a leader and expecting something (like engagement!) from others it is critical that you take a look in the mirror and honestly assess whether you are truly creating the environment for engagement to flourish.

As a leader you must ask yourself: “am I effectively engaging my team?”

Here are 3 things to look for that might indicate the answer is no, and what you can do about it.

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Susan Mazza
Susan has worked with organizations and individuals around the world for over 25 years in developing relationships that work and producing exceptional results that matter. Passionate about instigating leadership, Susan is a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer who develops leaders and supports organizations in changing their culture as the essential foundation for turning their aspirations into their reality. She is a co-author of The Character-Based Leader, as well as the author of the Random Acts of Leadership blog. Connect with her on the Web, Twitter or Linkedin.
Susan Mazza

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Susan Mazza