Asking for a Raise

by  Mike Henry  |  Career Development

Lead Change Group member Leigh Steere of Manage People Better was quoted in an interesting article published in the Poughkeepsie Journal September 24 titled Tips to help you ask for a raise.  There’s some great advice available to you in this post.  Leigh’s comments are on page 2 about making comparisons between your actual work and the job description as well as comparing your experience to published salary information.  Check it out!

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Geetha  |  03 Oct 2011  |  Reply

Leadership in Changing Landscape
Changes during the past decade has been at much faster speed than ever before in all the aspects of life and business. Invention of mobile phones and internet has changed the communication and speed of information exchange. Technology has given more and more start ups with the ability to compete head on with larger organisations by disrupting the status quo. The need today is to provide better leadership for people, for organizations and most recently partnerships and communities. This makes difference to performance.
This write up seeks to explain readers about how leadership differs from management. The managerial roles are based on knowledge, techniques, skills and emphasis on results within the parameters of organisation’s principles and policies where as leadership roles focuses on imagination, passion, commitment and fulfillment of dreams. Traditional management approaches based on scientific analysis do not contribute much towards understanding leadership. Understanding leadership is really about understanding life and this starts with gaining and understanding of self and people.
Leadership is to view a bigger picture where new creative ideas can invent new and dynamic organizations. A new perspective on leadership concept emerges from IMAGE Model which is highlighted below:
I: Innovative imagine and inspiring
M: Making Vow
A: Authentic
G: Guts
E: Ethics and Excellence.
Practices of exemplary leadership, which need to be displayed everywhere, be it at home or work place, are as follows:
a. Modeling the way: Setting the example, leaving out one’s professed values and creating win-win situation.
b. Challenging the process: Searching for and accepting challenging opportunities and taking risks.
c. Inspiring a shared vision: Holding and communicating a vision of what is possible, and getting everyone aligned to a common purpose.
d. Enabling others to act: Fostering collaboration and building energetic, winning teams based mutual trust understanding and shared goals.
e. Encouraging the heart: Recognising contributions and celebrating accomplishment.
AEME Leadership Center (ALC) is the only institute which provides education and training for holistic development for youth so that they are found to be very effective and have competitive edge on entering corporate world. ALC provides maximum values to the life with minimum cost.

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