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Jon is a vice president of marketing in the healthcare software industry. His background consists of an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and working for companies like Deloitte, IBM, and BMC Software. Outside of his professional life, Jon brings together a community to inspire Millennial leaders and close the gap between two generations of leaders. Connect with Jon on Twitter @ThinDifference or on Facebook.

Five Ways to Build Distrust

The Hard Truth About Trust

There are certain core leadership principles that run deep in leading well, and one is trust. Trust doesn’t just happen. Although trust should be second nature, the reality is trust takes effort. This isn’t an effort in a time-consuming way but in a fully-engaged leading way. In fact, distrust is easier to do and may » Read More


7 Ways You’re Missing Opportunities with Millennials


Check out this guest post by Ryan Currie over on Jon Mertz’ Thin Difference blog! Working with millennials can be a challenge but you’re just making things harder on yourself by missing valuable opportunities in your interactions. Millennials aren’t as selfish, as tuned-out, or as idealistic as they’re pegged to be and they actually provide » Read More


5 Ways Traveling Can Make You a Better Leader


Guest Post by Sandra Mills Whether you’re a business leader already or looking to become one, you need to be on lookout for ways to improve your leadership skills. Not only will this translate into you doing your job better, but it will relieve much of the stress associated with your job. According to a report released » Read More


Seven Elements of Leadership Style by Jim Collins


Guest Post by Jess Millis  There are quite a few rules and tips that Jim Collins has churned out in his time, and where there may be students essay writing on them all right now, here is a short article on just a few of them.  1 – Work on no more than ten things Jim says you » Read More

Leading Through Mistakes


In our Lead Change Google+ Community, we posed a question: How do you deal with mistakes that happen within your teams and organization? Mistakes Will Happen A certainty in life and work is we all will make mistakes at various points in time. When we do, the goals will be to limit the consequences, take » Read More


4 Ideas for Authentic Leadership Intelligence

Authentic Leadership Intelligence

There is a smartness to authentic leaders. Smartness does not mean all-knowing; it does mean approaching your leadership craft with an authentic intelligence, knowing the impact of how you lead. To develop this intelligence, below are four ideas to consider in building your authentic leadership capabilities. Embedded empathy. Authenticity needs to be other-centered. If leading » Read More


Which Is a Better Leader? A Conversation on Results and Respect.


I believe conversations make us stronger leaders. We need to explore topics, challenge ourselves to think and understand, and learn ways to be a better leader. In the Lead Change Google+ group, we pose a different question each week. A few weeks ago, we asked: Which is a better leader:  A leader with big results » Read More


What One Career Insight Would You Want a 20-Something to Know Now?


Within the Lead Change Group, there are many diverse perspectives and experiences to tap. Millennials are the next generation up and they are a large and energetic group. Each generation has a responsibility, I believe, to embrace the young and old and learn from each other. With all this as background, we posed the question » Read More


How Do You Hone Your Leadership Craft?


Doug Conant, former CEO, Campbell Soup, said it many times, and he did again in a recent interview: “Successful leaders should treat their leadership as a craft to be carefully honed and ever improving.” Leadership as a craft is an interesting attitude to adopt. Leaders need to continue to grow and develop because times change, » Read More


Leaders: Is Compromise a Strength or Weakness?

Leadership and compromise

We can hope that what is happening in Washington, D.C. over the past decade is not a mirror of what is happening in organizations around the country and world. The environment though sets up a key leadership question: As a leader, is compromise a strength or weakness? To ensure we are on the same page » Read More

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