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Jon is a vice president of marketing in the healthcare software industry and named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business by Trust Across America in 2014. His background consists of an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and working for companies like Deloitte, IBM, and BMC Software. Outside of his professional life, Jon brings together a community to inspire Millennial leaders and close the gap between two generations of leaders. Connect with Jon on Twitter @ThinDifference.

How Do You Check Your Leadership Intentions?

Leadership Intentions - Check

Intentions are essential. Knowing if our intentions are showing up in the right way is challenging, less so if we take the time to define them and then really lead in this defined manner. Even then, intention is only a third of the formula. Leadership intentions, along with core beliefs and positive, growth-oriented actions, enable » Read More


What Title Would Others Place on Your Card?


Recently, we gathered as a group of leaders to discuss change and how to lead through, around, or over organizational roadblocks. Our conversations at Authentic Leadership Dallas are always engaging, honest, and fun. Just what a group should be! As we were discussing change, one of our leaders said that CEO is the title on » Read More


What Keeps a Bounce in Your Step?

Bounce in Your Step

Age doesn’t matter. Experience doesn’t matter. What happens is time begins to wear on us. It isn’t time itself necessarily. What matters are the events and people that begin to wear us down. No offense to anyone, except maybe the ones who erode us intentionally or with a complete lack of any empathy. What wears » Read More


Are Sacrifices a Part of Leadership?

Leadership and Sacrifices

Many tough decisions need to be made every day. In hospitals and clinics, life-impacting decisions are made. On battlefields, just think of the decisions made and the ultimate sacrifices they may bring. Compared to sterile workplaces, the type of decisions and corresponding sacrifices pale in comparison. Yet, sacrifices happen every day and in every place. » Read More


Daring Millennial Leader: Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky


In Jon Mertz’s chat with Adam Poswolsky, readers are introduced to the difference between simply work to pay the bills and meaningful work. Poswolsky encourages us to leap to find new purpose and skills, and to focus on maximizing our personal impact instead of our personal paycheck. Read more…


How Do You Thrive in Ambiguity?

Thriving in Ambiguity

The question was sparked by Alli Pollin in her blog post entitled Personal Leadership: Thrive in Ambiguity. From here, we engaged our Lead Change Google+ Community to get their perspective on the following questions: How do you thrive in ambiguity? On what leadership skills do you lean? Leading Through Ambiguity Highlighted below are snapshot insights » Read More


Leadercast: Beyond You


When we started Authentic Leadership Dallas, we didn’t know what would unfold. We had dreams of leaders gathering to exchange ideas and experiences, delivering insights and challenges to be better leaders. There were times when we weren’t sure it would work, and there are times we were amazed! Yesterday was one of those days. Read » Read More


Would You Rather Follow a Tested Leader or an Inspiring Leader?

Tested Leader or Inspiring Leader

This question has been on my mind lately. Which is better – a tested leader or an inspiring leader? So we put the question to our Lead Change community on Google+ and highlighted below are snapshots into their perspectives. Tested Leader or Inspiring Leader? Carey Green: No question… a tested leader. I’ve seen too many » Read More


Redefining Leadership with Millennial Leader Marvin Mathew


I have a confession to make: sometimes when I read articles about leadership I roll my eyes. It happens mostly when I’m faced with the assumption that everyone is (or can be) a leader. I’ve always disagreed. Not everyone is a leader, not everyone should be a leader and not everyone wants to be a leader. » Read More


Five Ways to Build Distrust

The Hard Truth About Trust

There are certain core leadership principles that run deep in leading well, and one is trust. Trust doesn’t just happen. Although trust should be second nature, the reality is trust takes effort. This isn’t an effort in a time-consuming way but in a fully-engaged leading way. In fact, distrust is easier to do and may » Read More

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