What Is Fueling You?

by  Becky Robinson  |  Self Leadership
What Is Fueling You? thumbnail

One of the best parts of my job is getting to read the newest leadership titles, long before they release. Sometimes it’s after I have signed a new client and sometimes it’s in the process of deciding whether it is a fit to work together. Last night, I spent some » Read More


Max’s Leadership Touch

by  Chip Bell  |  Leadership Coaching
Max’s Leadership Touch thumbnail

When I sit at my office desk in my brown Aeron desk chair, I often think of Max DePree, one of my favorite leaders. Max was for many years the CEO of Herman Miller, the company that manufactured my desk chair. He also authored several books on servant leadership. My favorite » Read More


Energy Vampires

by  Bill Benoist  |  Light Your World
Energy Vampire

Halloween is right around the corner. Soon, we will have little Frankensteins and Ninja Turtles and Cinderellas knocking on our door looking to have their buckets and bags filled with candy. I like Halloween. Greeting these little demons, super heroes and princesses is fun. Know » Read More

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