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How Could You?

He was angry.

His tight words and finger stabbing the air made it clear: he felt betrayed.

“How could you let this happen?”

He had just been fired…by the President of the Company.

“Me?? I’m not the one who skipped out on the team over and over again.”

He may have been angry, but I was beyond frustrated and felt betrayed myself. I’d gone out on a limb to help, but in the end he’d gotten himself fired.

What made it worse was that for the prior year, we’d been friends.

That all changed when I was asked to lead the team.


Our problem was not unique to us – it happens to nearly everybody when they are first asked to lead a team they once belonged to.

You are now in a position of providing accountability and inspiration to a group of your peers.

For many emerging leaders, this is the most difficult challenge they will ever face. I’ve watched many experienced leaders stumble when asked to address or lead a team of their peers.

Leading Peers – How To Make It Work

My experience didn’t have to end the way I described it.

The good news is that a few healthy leadership practices can help you manage the transition from peer to positional leader: [Read More...]

David M. Dye
David works with leaders, managers, and supervisors who want to get more done, build teams that care, and achieve results. He is a leadership speaker, consultant and coach as well as the the founder and President of Trailblaze, Inc. Connect with David via his Lead Change member profile, his website and blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
David M. Dye


I work with leaders who want to get more done, build teams that care, and achieve their goals. Author, speaker, & coach. Be the leader you want your boss to be!
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