I am in the midst of my annual “working” vacation. For the past six summers, I’ve brBeach and Chairsought my daughters to visit my parents for a week or longer, with the understanding that I’ll work while we’re away.

In the early years, balancing work with vacation on these trips happened easily. I spent time writing at Starbucks while the girls had a fun activity with my parents, or I worked during afternoon down-time while the girls watched a movie.

As my work life has become more demanding, the balancing has become significantly more challenging, to the point that I think the usefulness of working vacation in my life has ended.

I can take a trip with the agreement that I am working while my family is vacationing. Or I can take a vacation.

The idea of a working vacation is a flimsy way of excusing my choice to stay connected. By saying I am taking a working vacation, I allow an unhealthy slide from the intended outcome of taking a break to business as usual.

A working vacation can become boundary-less and counterproductive.

Will I feel refreshed when I return? Not if I never disconnect and unplug.

Can I take a vacation from leading my team?

If I take a true vacation, I am leading my team with a healthy example and freedom to disconnect fully during breaks from work.

Or if I tell my team I am on vacation and fail to fully unplug, I am leading them down a detrimental path.

My lack of boundaries teaches others to bend their boundaries.

When I repeatedly show up to phone meetings with my team, send/
respond to their email, and participate fully in our Facebook group conversation threads when I am supposed to be on vacation, I may be leading them to believe I expect them to make the same choices.

I am setting an example, and not one I want anyone to emulate.

I cannot take a vacation from leading, but I can take a vacation.

Although I am not sure how I will make next year different, I want to lead myself, my family, and my team more effectively. I am convinced that I will be able to do so far more effectively when I incorporate the disciple of true rest and a (not-working-at-all) vacation.


Becky Robinson
Becky Robinson is the founder and CEO of Weaving Influence. Becky wants to help people build their online presence and influence, while making social media involvement accessible and do-able for time-starved professionals and business owners. Weaving Influence offers consulting, coaching, training, implementation, content creation, and speaking services.
Becky Robinson


Founder and CEO of @weaveinfluence. We help authors and thought leaders grow their online presence and market their books. Also, mom, wife, writer.
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Becky Robinson
Becky Robinson