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Category Archives: Team Dynamics

What Jail Taught Me About Leadership


I spent a little over two years of my life in jail … as an employee. One of the aspects of this responsibility years ago was oversight of the food production in our county correctional facility. It was a valuable experience for me and my team as we experienced a side of society that few » Read More

When Leaders Lose It

losing it

It was one of those moments that you wanted to take back right after it happened. I was discussing some equipment concerns with Sid, our facilities director.  We had ten expensive transport units that were purchased a few months prior to my coming on board, and they were breaking down quickly. We had no success » Read More

One Social Skill to Be a Great Leader

Man leadership with social skills

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” – Brian Tracy Inspiring speeches evoke change for one reason: they make you believe you matter. You shift from doubt towards the belief a different future is possible no matter how bad you feel. Feeling a belonging, an » Read More

7 Ways to Get Your Company to the Top (And Stay There)

Ladder to Success

Everyone wants to be the best in their field, but it’s not easy to achieve when there are hundreds of companies battling for the same position. Who doesn’t want to be number 1? When you’re on top, you set yourself apart, putting a demarcation line between the best and the rest. It simply means that » Read More

Flexibility: Stretching Traditional Notions of Work

Flexibility - Matthew T Fritz and Heather L McGee

  “The key to sustained happiness, health, and longevity is flexibility.” –Ev Duran There is a parable here in Afghanistan about a mule and a well that speaks to the value of flexibility in our lives.  Having fallen into a shallow well, an Afghan farmer’s mule brayed incessantly while the farmer and his son considered their » Read More


Smoothing the Creases: 5 Ways to Manage Conflict in the Workplace


Let’s face it: there is no such a company where literally everyone agrees with each other and where conflicts do not rise. Armed with this realization, what matters isn’t only how you’ll be able to keep the misunderstandings among coworkers to a minimum but also how to address them once the inevitable happens. After all, » Read More


Creating employee engagement through culture and job design

Send Grid: culture tenets

In a refreshing interview, CEO Jim Franklin shares his company’s views on employee engagement. SendGrid’s approach to job design is both exhilarating and gutsy.


How to Win Over a Skeptic

How to Win Over a Skeptic

Some believe you should just ignore skeptics. Others believe you have to at least try to enroll them. While I do believe you should focus your energy on the believers, especially in the beginning of any new endeavor, I also don’t think skeptics can or should be ignored. I can tell you that those who » Read More


Can Independence Foster Healthy Interdependence?

Independence & Interdependence

A lively and insightful #PeopleSkills chat on Twitter led by Kate Nasser and David Moore got me thinking more deeply about the relationship between independence and interdependence as it applies to teamwork. As I began to make the case for the value of those who work well independently to a team, several participants chimed in » Read More


Four Ways to Create a Culture of Trust and Openness


In today’s fast-paced, globally-connected business world in which we live, an organization’s successes and failures can be tweeted across the Internet in a matter of seconds. A knee jerk reaction of many organizational leaders is to clamp down on the amount of information shared internally, with hopes of minimizing risk to the organization. Many times » Read More

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