Receiving Input from Dilbert

by  Mike Henry  |  Workplace Issues

Have you ever done this?  I certainly have.

It’s one thing when we take action without the input from others.  It’s even demotivating and deflating when we asked someone for input and then acted before hearing their feedback.

Have you ever done this?  Any suggestions on how to make sure to avoid making this mistake in the future?

Here’s a link to the comic on the Official Dilbert Website too.

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What People Are Saying

Tristan Bishop  |  06 Jul 2011  |  Reply


Yes, I do believe I’ve been “pointy-haired” a time or two when giving choices, especially to my KIDS! Time to flatten the “do” and honestly communicate, in advance, whether or not decisions will be collaborative, consensus or otherwise.

Thanks, Mike


Mike Henry  |  06 Jul 2011  |  Reply

Thanks Tristan. It’s a great reminder to communicate honestly in advance. It’s part of my current focus on respect. I often think of Monica Diaz’ Otheresteem too. If we esteem others, we won’t “forget” them when we’re making decisions. Thanks again. Mike…

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