Remembering The Unsung Leaders

by  Paul LaRue  |  Self Leadership
Remembering The Unsung Leaders

The realm of leadership, particularly in social media, gives a lot of time and attention to topics on the forefront of today’s world:

  • Employee engagement
  • Communication
  • People development
  • Driving results through culture
  • Authenticity

A lot of focus on leadership naturally gravitates towards business, government, or non-profit segment leaders:

  • CEOs and executive leadership
  • Senior and middle management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senators, state representatives, city officials
  • Public relations, civil servants, and law enforcement
  • Military, coaches, and doctors

When we think of leaders, these roles are the ones that likely run to our mind. And while there is nothing wrong with building those leaders up, there are many more roles of leadership that we need to recognize.

So it is with the timing of this month, sandwiched between Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and school/university graduations, that we should take time to remember those unsung leaders who round out our world:

  • The 1st grader who defends his/her friend from the playground bully
  • The family in town who visits and cares for sick friends in need
  • Pastors who faithfully and tirelessly serve their congregation
  • Students who run organizations for community and school activities
  • The teacher who makes an impact in the hearts of her students to better themselves
  • Citizens who reinvigorate the culture and climate of their town or city
  • A neighbor who cares for those around them as their own family
  • The employee who diligently arrives on time, provides consistent service, and is always cheerful
  • The motorists who stop to pull passengers out from a car accident
  • The single parent who has to provide for their children after a spouse’s death
  • A retiree, such as my uncle Pret (he is 95 years old!!), who still volunteers and leads an active lifestyle

These people, who lead from wherever they are, are the epitome of what we promote here at Lead Change Group. By leading in the sphere of their lives, they encourage, energize, and equip those around them with their character and commitment to make their world better every day.

Let’s take time out each day to recognize – and thank – the unsung leaders in our lives. Where would any of us be without them?

Has there been an unsung hero in your life? Tell us about them in the comments!
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What People Are Saying

Duncan from Vetter  |  29 May 2015  |  Reply

Indeed, a leader needs to encourage, energize, and equip people. A leader is a person you admire. A leader cares for the people and is focused to help them evolve and support them throughout the process. We all have great leaders in our lives, and following their example, we need to become better persons ourselves. Not to mention that companies need to identify and support such employees in order to increase their productivity.

John Smith  |  29 May 2015  |  Reply

Hi, Paul – thanks for a great post:)

Three words struck me as I read your thoughts, especially the ending list of examples: “Personal”, “Model” and “Everyday”.

We tend sometimes to focus on the epic and corporate type of leadership exhibited by tycoons of business, military and political leaders, and others who lead from the heights.

Your post is a great reminder that leadership and opportunities to lead are all around us, every day of our lives. We may not have the opportunity to lead “brave men in a desperate struggle” or change the course of economic or political history … but we can demonstrate and live kindness, compassion, and regard for other human beings.

There’s a fourth word: “Compassion”. It strikes me further that you are describing those who have a particular mindset about the world and those in it. This type of leadership is inclusive rather than exclusive, sharing rather than hoarding, and benevolent rather than suspicious.

I do not have any specific examples to share, but it occurs to me that I have continually experienced these types of leadership in others throughout my life … I just have not always recognized it as such.

Now I have something to work on …

Appreciate your thoughtful and incisive leadership in helping us become better leaders and better people.


Paul LaRue  |  29 May 2015  |  Reply

John, thank you, and I couldn’t agree more with the words you mentioned. I especially like “Everyday”, it conjures up thoughts of consistency and accessibility.

Everyday, unsung leadership gets it done in our world.

Have a great weekend!

Joanie Connell  |  29 May 2015  |  Reply

Paul, thanks for taking time out to remember the unsung heroes and for calling on us to do the same. A friend of mine told me this week that he carries two extra gallons of gas around in the back of his truck–regular and diesel–and stops to give it to people when they run out of gas. He went on to tell me that he often finds young women on the side of the road who run out of gas. I thought about how much of a service he’s doing. Not only is he getting them out of a jam, but he is protecting them from bad people who take advantage of stranded young women on the side of the road. He’s definitely one of my unsung heroes. His name is Nick Fagiano and he is a personal trainer. His company is Mobile Muscle and he trains people in their homes in San Diego.

Paul LaRue  |  29 May 2015  |  Reply

Joanie, Nick’s example is precisely what we should be thankful for and recognize. We definitely need more people like him in the world. I’m glad he’s doing his part in my former home city!

A great share Joanie, thanks so much!

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