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How can we get people to follow processes?


Thirty years ago when the notion of improving processes began to get traction in the U.S., it held great promise. But one problem has kept the promise from becoming a full reality. It’s too complicated!  Read more….  


5 Authentic Keys to Attract Top Talent

5 Authentic Keys to Attract Top Talent | Lead Change Group

Authentic Leadership leads to a sustainable workplace brand, the key to attracting talent ‘Authentic’ is a word rapidly falling out of vogue-especially with those of us engaging in social media. Yet none of us, if questioned, would deny we are authentic in our interactions with others. After all, we’re being ourselves all the time, right? » Read More


Workplace Trust – Cultivating Leaders

Trust- gleonhard

Heather Coleman’s excellent post on trust started me thinking about some of the attributes of trust. In the web economy, trust must have at least three components: identity, privacy and security. Many social-networking powerhouses such as Facebook have two but not three, and sometimes only one, of these attributes, on any given day. In the » Read More

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