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Missing out on a promotion

missed opportunity

Have you been passed up for a promotion?  Or seen other people get promoted when you thought you were more qualified?   Do you often wonder why it happened to you?  Is it because you did not work hard enough?  There could be a laundry list of reasons why you did not get the promotion.   But » Read More


Leadership via Job Loss

Overcome Obstacle

Let’s get one thing straight: Unemployed is not who you are, it is a situation you are working through. Your leadership capabilities have not been lost along with your job; in fact, job loss is the optimal time to expand your leadership presence. Because here’s the thing, guys and gals: Your career is ongoing whether » Read More


Meet LeadChange Heather Coleman

Update: We had technical issues with this interview.  Heather has graciously agreed to let me try this again this coming Thursday, July 29 at 4 PM Eastern. Lead Change people are trying to make a positive difference by applying and developing as leaders.  One member that I’m honored to know is Heather Coleman (@HeatherEColeman).  Heather » Read More

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