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3 Steps to Elevate Your Purpose and Maximize Your Impact

Amazing fiery burning evening sky

The words “Elevate Purpose, Mobilize People” have been resonating with me for a while. So much in fact that I’m going to focus much of my writing on them over the next few months. You see, I believe one of the most important things you can do to maximize your impact in 2014 is to » Read More


The Art of Science

Nick Mayer blue lobster

I met Nick Mayer when ordering a gorgeous Blue Lobster print of his.  I have this thing about Blue Lobsters, seeing them in Maine and as a metaphor for innovation in that this rare phenotype results from serendipity and random collisions of genes. Nick’s art is an amazing and beautiful integration of art and biology in watercolor.  Here is Nick’s powerful story of how Science » Read More


What If…?

WhatIf You

For those of you that know me, you know I ask Why a lot (annoyingly so at times!).  So that’s why (ha!) at BIF9, I loved what Matt Murrie is doing with getting “What If…?” out there – boldly!  We all need to ask this more.  So the next time you find yourself starting to say “no,” try saying “What » Read More


Integrating Design Theory & the Scientific Process

Hanna McPhee

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just create it! Don’t let the world pigeon-hole you into linear paths…make your own. That’s what Hanna McPhee did. She is an extraordinary kid and typical of the ones I get to hang out with. Hanna (Brown ’14) created an independent concentration, Biologically Inspired Design and is working on her thesis. She » Read More


Leading a significant life


Deep within each one of us there is an inner desire to live a life of significance and contribution. Each one of us, is longing for a better future. We want to make a difference. We want to leave the world a better place. We can start the journey by asking ourselves- Do we live » Read More


Is Different Better?


Ok… here’s how it works.  First I tell you a story.  Then I ask you some questions.  Then you answer in the comment section.  It’s like a discussion where people exchange ideas, and we all learn something.  Perhaps you have heard of it before. It’s fun.  Let’s play. For a long time I was the » Read More


Will You Leave a Mrk?


My nice blue iPhone Mrked case is the brainchild of 3 kids – yup, kids. Just your average college kids yet again deciding it’s their right to change the world.  15% of the revenues from Mrked goes to teach young girls in emerging markets how to read.  ”Three sets of parents migrated from South Asia in order to provide » Read More


What special needs families taught me about comfort zones


Einstein once said, “Any fool can know, the point is to understand.” Historically, I knew we should care for special needs families ~ thankfully a series of events over the past four years has turned that seed of knowledge into a growingunderstanding of the challenges, the joys, and the deep lessons that come from engaging » Read More


Maybe We Just Need to Stick to Basics…It Worked for Picasso!


In the February 19th Tuesday Science Section (one of my favorites), the New York Times ran an article titled “Picasso’s Masterpieces Made with House Paint.” Using high-tech X-rays, scientists discovered that Picasso used plain old common house paint!  They analyzed the pigments on Picasso’s canvases and compared them with samples of house paint from the » Read More


Find Your Blind Spot: A Self-Reflection Activity for Managers

Find Your Blind Spot: A Self-Reflection Activity For Managers

We humans tend to evaluate others through the lens of our own best traits. We often value people who have our same strengths and undervalue people who don’t. Are you doing this unwittingly? And if you are, what effect does it have on your team’s morale and performance?

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