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4 Tips to Engage New Recruits


Starting a new job presents a mix of emotions.  New opportunities, people, responsibilities and tasks always get the blood flowing on the first day.  At the same time, going through so much change so quickly without a familiar face to rely on can be overwhelming for some people. While the first day is a pivotal » Read More


5 Tips to Improve Communication with Employees Without Having to Use the Word ‘Bro’


Being the boss can be difficult—just ask any manager anywhere on earth. From the Queen Ant all the way up to the President of the world (we have one of those, right? I don’t really follow politics), the saying is true: it’s lonely at the top. Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you find » Read More


He’s not ready to be promoted (but thinks he is)

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He thinks he’s ready to be promoted.  You don’t.  You don’t want to crush his spirits, but he’s not listening.  He blames you, the system, politics and that crazy project you gave him last year. He’s a strong performer and a vital member of your team. You know he’ll get there, but only if he listens. » Read More


What we can learn about leadership from superb teachers

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I guess I’m old school. No pun intended. Autumn will always mean “back to school” time to me. I got to thinking about what we could learn about leadership from some of the best teachers out there. Read more here….


Tips for Professionalism in the Workplace Part I

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Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it. – Frank Tyger While skill set and talent are essential to having a successful career, one aspect that many people often overlook is the major role social skills play in boosting a career.  Sure, work is not a high school popularity » Read More


DIY Leadership Development: Easy Leadership Programs You Can Run Yourself

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Formal leadership development programs are invaluable when developing leadership talent.  Getting outside perspective is vital, and external facilitation can make all the difference.  It’s also possible to supplement these programs with workshops leaders run themselves.  Such programs provide leaders an opportunity to share mindset, enhance transparency, and review lessons learned. I spent the first decade » Read More

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