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The New Definition of CEO Chief

If emotional intelligence is not part of your training and development portfolio – please add it.  I’ve concluded – much of what goes wrong behavioral in leading, managing, and counterproductive employee behavior, can be tied to EQ (emotional intelligemce). Read more…


Busting Three Employee Engagement Myths

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Don’t believe the myths you’re reading about employee engagement. Here you will see why the myths of employee engagement, employee selfishness, and a one size fits all approach are misguided. Instead, leaders are encouraged to create a compelling vision, equip, energize and empower their employees. Read more here… For more thoughts on employee engagement, here’s another » Read More


Taking Time to Breathe

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Breathing is automatic. Without breathing we cease to be. So if breathing is automatic, what on earth do I mean by this statement: Taking Time to Breathe? Well, it has to do with leaders and how so often they are in the mode of fast and quick because they are being measured on results. And, » Read More


Choose Engagement

Choose Engagement | Lead Change Group

A recent USA Today article talks about employee engagement.  It cites a Gallup poll that claimed that 70% of American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. That means 7 out of 10 people aren’t putting in more than they take out of their jobs. The post goes on to suggest 3 » Read More


Redefine Results by Redefining Career Development

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Given repeated rounds of downsizing, reorganizing, right sizing, and all of the other ‘zings’ that have befallen organizations, it’s easy to scan the landscape and come to the conclusion that career development options have shrunk… that they are few and far between for most employees.  After all: Delayering has left already lean organizations with fewer » Read More


Set Them Up To Win

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A couple of weeks ago I was catching up with a former colleague of mine. She had just started with a company in a newly created position and was telling me what her on-boarding process was like. She compared the training to another company we were both associated with that let one fend for themselves. » Read More


Leading Through Mistakes


In our Lead Change Google+ Community, we posed a question: How do you deal with mistakes that happen within your teams and organization? Mistakes Will Happen A certainty in life and work is we all will make mistakes at various points in time. When we do, the goals will be to limit the consequences, take » Read More


Social Influence and Your Brand: Connecting the Dots [Webinar]


“Don’t try to invent a tribe. Show up to lead one that exists.” –Seth Godin Today’s hyper-connected digital world has opened the door to a whole new era in brand development. Employers, HR professionals and job hunters, alike, are rapidly embracing digital channels to elevate their market presence and amplify their share of voice. With » Read More


Question of the Day

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What question might you ask to move toward group alignment and shared vision? The question of the day is designed to be an icebreaker that also gets everyone thinking. Over time these icebreakers are an aid in community building among the group, leading to alignment and developing a shared vision of what they can become as » Read More


Empowerment Self-Diagnostic

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Are you empowering your people to greater success? This is a self-assessment process to determine the degree to which others are being empowered under your leadership. Prescriptive actions to create a more empowering environment are provided as you learn more about your empowerment style. Step 1 Write down every decision made for one week. Include » Read More

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