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How Embracing Risk Is Vital For Your Leadership

embracing risk

When it comes to business, no successful leader has made the big time by being overly hesitant and inhibited. Being bold and brash is not necessarily the key to success, but taking chances and embracing the notion of risk is. Playing it safe can certainly lead to profitability in the short term, but it greatly » Read More


Reasons or Excuses – Do Yours Pass the SMELL Test?

box car bbq

We’re all going to fail or let someone down sooner or later.  The cause of our failure may be legitimate, or it may not.  As much as leaders want results, they despise excuses even more.  A trust relationship can be destroyed in an instant, and the weapon of its demise is an excuse. I remember » Read More


3 Ways To Steady Your Leadership in a Changing World


The headlines occur virtually every week. Another person in a leadership capacity falters and brings calamity down on those around them. It’s not only grievous to us as leaders, but also to those that are adversely impacted by their actions. Why, we often wonder, does someone fall away in their leadership role? What happened within » Read More


3 More Sure-Fire Signs You’re Failing as an Executive Leader

Unhappy Face Image

You probably don’t know anyone who wakes up in the morning, bright and chipper, and says, “I’m looking forward to failing today.” But failure happens to all of us. You make mistakes, you overlook the obvious, or you miss an important piece of information you need to make a key decision. The good news is » Read More


3 Sure-Fire Warning Signs You’re Failing as an Executive Leader

F Image

Failure. Admit it  - it’s not a word that sits well with you. If you’re like the typical leader, you’re personally committed to your own success and the success of your organization. Failure is not in your vocabulary. But leaders actually do fail at an alarming rate. Even hardworking leaders like you are not immune. » Read More


Epic Fail – 5 Ways to Build a Culture of Failure


No one likes to fail. Failure feels like losing. But failure is more generous than we might think. Failure gives experience to those who try and offers wisdom to those who will try next. Failure fuels our quest for something better. It is the hunger that drives our discontent. Failure is the engine of innovation. It » Read More


6 Forces Resisting Change

6 Forces Resisting Change | Lead Change Group

I recently wrote a post titled 5 Ideas To Direct Your Best Energy Toward Your Greatest Purpose. We need to mobilize leaders. Personally, I want to hate my laziness,  television,  surfing, and anything keeping me from impact.  I hope to connect with a movement of leaders who are driven to make a positive difference. Many » Read More


How to Be Wrong – Origins of Lead Change Group Part 6


Have you ever choked? I’m not talking about dinner. Choking is a performance analogy. I’ve been fortunate to play Pebble Beach Golf Links. In the golf world, it’s about as close as you can get to the center of the universe. The course is beautiful and often so is the weather. Incredible. When you spend » Read More


8 Reasons Why Pride Is The Core Of Leadership Failure


Craig looked intently at his staff. Every Monday morning staff meeting was intense.  Craig expected results and he held everyone accountable.  Not necessarily himself. No one talked, they just listened. Craig was on a rant.  This was typical, he had a pretty big ego and drew a line in the sand quite often. This line, » Read More


Please Help Me Fail: Learning How to Fail Better

failing better

Failing happens.  Helping our teams to learn from failure can be one of the most vital aspects of our role as leaders.  Even when the situation seems devastating, how we show up can make a tremendous difference in someone’s growth. John Maxwell talks about this well in “Failing Forward.” In fact, I have bought many copies » Read More

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