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What will they say when you’re gone?

leadership legacy

As family conversations sometimes go, out of the blue someone mentioned Aunt Dolly’s noodles. You could tell by the lull in the conversation and the smiles on faces that people were remembering how soul-satisfyingly delicious her noodles were. I’ll never forget the eulogy delivered by the pastor at her funeral. He spoke for nearly ten » Read More


3 Nations, 4 Years, 15 People


On February 19-21 2010, the Lead Change Group came to life. Real life. Prior to that time, we were just some friends on Twitter and a LinkedIn group. Most of us had never met face to face. On those days in 2010, we launched our own little corner of a global movement. Fifteen people drove » Read More


Revolutionary Impact Boot Camp

Revolutionary Impact Boot Camp

We’ve been kicking around some new ideas here at Lead Change. We’re grateful that you read our blog. We’re glad to be connected. We believe in creating influence based on who we are and using that influence to make a positive difference. Your best you will create your greatest influence, assemble the most exciting community » Read More


3 Steps to Elevate Your Purpose and Maximize Your Impact

Amazing fiery burning evening sky

The words “Elevate Purpose, Mobilize People” have been resonating with me for a while. So much in fact that I’m going to focus much of my writing on them over the next few months. You see, I believe one of the most important things you can do to maximize your impact in 2014 is to » Read More


Leadership Entrepreneur

Leadership Entrepreneur | Lead Change Group

An entrepreneur is someone who starts something. Traditionally it has meant a for-profit business but more recently the term is becoming more generally directed at those who take the risk and begin a venture. “One reason it’s so difficult to teach entrepreneurship is that we’re not teaching tactics or skills. We’re not teaching spreadsheets or » Read More


Reflections on Impact

Reflections on Impact | Lead Change Group

For most of us, our impact in the world will be the difference we make in the lives of others. Often that’s more what we give than what we sell. First, think of your family. You invest a chunk of your life raising kids. Or you invest some of your life caring for your parents. » Read More


The Value of Vision

Value of Vision

A compelling vision pulls you to your future. Focus on your circumstances and lose your way “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford What is your vision worth to you? If it’s not worth very much, you will abandon it. Your vision aims and defines » Read More


6 Forces Resisting Change

6 Forces Resisting Change | Lead Change Group

I recently wrote a post titled 5 Ideas To Direct Your Best Energy Toward Your Greatest Purpose. We need to mobilize leaders. Personally, I want to hate my laziness,  television,  surfing, and anything keeping me from impact.  I hope to connect with a movement of leaders who are driven to make a positive difference. Many » Read More


5 Ideas To Direct Your Best Energy Toward Your Greatest Purpose

5 Ideas to Direct Your Best Energy to Your Greatest Purpose | Lead Change Group

Think about what you did over the last couple of hours. If you ranked all of the most important things you have to do, did you spend your time on activities that advance the top items from your list? There are times when I feel like I can’t work on my highest and best purpose. » Read More


The Posture of a Leader – Origins of Lead Change Part 8

Portrait of man lifting weights

In Tribes, Godin talks subtly about the transition in leadership from autocrat to servant. The section is titled The Posture of a Leader. He lists a series of shifts that we need to be aware of. For example, “If you are a student in my class and you don’t learn what I’m teaching, I’ve let » Read More

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