Revolutionary Impact Boot Camp

We’ve been kicking around some new ideas here at Lead Change. We’re grateful that you read our blog. We’re glad to be connected. We believe in creating influence based on who we are and using that influence to make a positive difference. Your best you will create your greatest influence, assemble the most exciting community and generate your greatest impact.

Character in Action equals Influence and Impact

If we are the type of person who elevates others and adds value, we begin to associate with others who elevate and add value. We find people we like who will eventually help us when we might be tempted to slack off. Those around us are like charcoal. We all burn longer and hotter together.

The reverse is true too. If we’re simply “in it for ourselves” never giving more than we take, effectively driving others away by our own selfish focus, we find after a while that we don’t like the people around us. We’re either surrounded by people who give less than they take, or we’re alone. Either way, everyone around us seems to only be about themselves.

For me, the great fun of the Lead Change Group is that is has enabled me to connect with a hundreds of exciting, encouraging people, purposeful and passionate about making a positive difference. We’ve held a conference, a number of breakfasts and lunches in different cities, webinars, conference calls and we’ve even written a book. Last year Authentic Leadership Dallas got going. They’re even hosting the Leadercast this May as is the group in Tulsa.

Next Up - Boot Camps

This year, I want to help others expand their influence, locally, regionally or globally, on-line and in real life. Enter the Revolutionary Impact Boot Camp. Seven people and I will meet virtually over 2 months to focus intensely on our impact, making sure 2014 is unlike any other year. Our topics will include:

  1. Elevate Your Purpose - What is your most compelling outcome?
  2. Identify Your Community - Learn the key to find and connect with people who will become your community.
  3. Plan Your Strategy - Develop a plan you can execute over the long haul.
  4. Prioritize Your Efforts - Find the single most important action out of a sea of options.
  5. Execute Your Plan - Begin the march toward you elevated purpose.
  6. Evaluate Your Progress - What will you measure to know you’re making progress?

You will come away with a strategic plan for increasing your impact, a tactical plan of the most important activities you can undertake, and your own customized method for measuring your unique progress. In addition to that, you’ll have 7 new friends and comrades helping each other maximize your impact. Your energy combined with the commitment of the team will encourage you to focus your message and engage your community. Never underestimate the power of a small group of people committed to leading change. Will you be a part? Will 2014 be the year you do something different?

Lead Change Group began with the click of a button. Begin your adventure toward your most compelling future. To find out more, simply fill out the form below. The boot camp costs $399 including the live calls, recordings of the calls, access to me and the other members from the camp, shared connections and tons of ideas. Lead Change Instigators get a $100 discount. Are you in? The initial camp will be limited to 7 participants and once those people are identified, we will schedule the calls and get this started. If you’d like to find out more, please fill out the form below. No money will be paid until the dates and times of the calls are scheduled. Are you in?

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This service is provided by the Lead Change Group and all proceeds from this effort will work to encourage, energize and equip character-based leaders to lead change in themselves, in others, and in their communities.

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