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Reasons or Excuses – Do Yours Pass the SMELL Test?

box car bbq

We’re all going to fail or let someone down sooner or later.  The cause of our failure may be legitimate, or it may not.  As much as leaders want results, they despise excuses even more.  A trust relationship can be destroyed in an instant, and the weapon of its demise is an excuse. I remember » Read More


Integrating Design Theory & the Scientific Process

Hanna McPhee

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just create it! Don’t let the world pigeon-hole you into linear paths…make your own. That’s what Hanna McPhee did. She is an extraordinary kid and typical of the ones I get to hang out with. Hanna (Brown ’14) created an independent concentration, Biologically Inspired Design and is working on her thesis. She » Read More


It’s Time to Become an Entrepreneuer


I met Ilan Saks, founder of The Founder Project, through my education entrepreneur guru Aron Solomon, and now I can’t wait for The Founder Project to come stateside! This is the type of engagement we need to get economies growing, build trust and a sense of ownership for our Millennials as they grow into leadership positions. In this post, Ilan writes, “…to » Read More


Education? Innovation? Do – Learn – Do – Learn


Aron Solomon introduced me to Victor Saad and that was all it took.  Victor has hacked his MBA and learned more than he would have in school. Victor’s Leap Year Project “Masters Program” is the wave of the future. “My work with students and the building project made me curious about further education in business, design, and social impact. Over time, the idea of » Read More


Who Are My Heroes? Young Millennial Leaders


I bet you’re asking yourself if I’m nuts. I am. And I’m happily addicted to these kids too! The stereotype of Gen-Y/Millennials is one of entitlement. There certainly are those who fall into this category and I’d submit there are plenty of Baby Boomers too (hum…look at Washington DC’s problem openly discussing Medicare and Medicaid!). I see » Read More


Lessons in Cambodian Silk Supply Chains


Marcelia Muehlke, one of the great young entrepreneurs I get to hang out with. She’s just your ‘average’ 20-something creating an international supply chain in the fashion industry, and succeeding.  In the spirit of ‘and/both’ instead of ‘either/or’, Marcie doesn’t accept the 20th century cut throat culture of the Garment District. This is a wonderful story, with lessons » Read More


Leadership Lessons From Coaching 3rd Grade Girls Soccer


I started the season with great anticipation. This was my first time coaching soccer in a league with over 6000 kids. I decided to get involved in coaching this season (like many fathers) as a way to connect with my third grade daughter. I felt a strong pull, not only for her, but for the » Read More


Disaster… What Will You Do?


It was the worst case of déjà vu ever.  A massive and fierce tornado bearing down on city of over a million people. We were here as a state, in this same city, only 14 short years ago.  Could this really be happening again? And still the tornado came to Moore, Oklahoma. In the wake » Read More


Letting Go with Grace

letting go

It’s been a tough week. Our son – the most remarkable, capable, smart, fun, likable, insightful young man I know (a completely unbiased assessment) -  moved into his first apartment. While I’m bursting with pride that he’s so well-prepared for and excited about the next phase of his life, it’s a loss… and it changes » Read More


Swim Strong or Swim Smart?


I’ve never been caught in a riptide, but I’ve read stories from those who have. It’s terrifying. Swim as hard as you can for the shore, only to see yourself getting farther away with each stroke.   Sometimes as leaders we face similar struggles, wrestling against the tides of public opinion, conflict & other challenges » Read More

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