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Leadership Conversations Interview


I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Lead Change author Tal Shnall (member profile, web, Twitter, Google+) this past weekend.  Tal joined Lead Change after connecting with the Authentic Leadership Dallas bunch that includes Jon Mertz and Erin Schreyer. Tal is a natural interviewer and it was exciting to be one of his early » Read More


Local Leadership Impact Part 2


One of our key goals for 2013 is that character-based leaders connect. To that end, we added a Google+ community to connect further in another social sphere and we had an Instigator call about starting local groups. While we believe we connect globally, for most of us, we will make our biggest impact locally. Sure » Read More


Three Years of Lead Change Group


Thank you for reading this post and any other post published on this blog.  Just over three years ago, 15 people from 3 countries got together in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to consider the idea of the Lead Change Group. Since that time, people associated with the group have done hundreds of things, many of which » Read More


Leadership and Diversity Tulsa June 28


TCC Department of Continuing Education and Lead Change Tulsa are hosting another breakfast leadership discussion, Effectively Leading a Diverse Organization this Thursday, June 28, at the TCC Center For Creativity, 910 S. Boston. Cost is $15, continental breakfast is included. Our Panelists  Haley Buzzard Graduate Candidate at DePaul University  Jesse Guardiola Career Development and Hispanic » Read More


Local Leadership Impact

Would you like to increase your impact in your local community?  We began a community of leaders in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area last year that began with the Chick-fil-A Leadercast and we’ve gone on to host breakfast panel discussions that have a number of people in Tulsa sharing, discussing, and collaborating on the idea of » Read More


Renew and Transform

Vision 2011 - Renew and Tansform

Liz Strauss (web, blog, Twitter) reminded me last week that a leader is someone who wants to build something they can’t build alone.  Lead Change is about making a positive difference.  This year, I will spend my effort moving the “difference needle.” Moving the difference needle in our culture requires more than just a tweet » Read More


Applied Character-based Leadership

When friends and I began talking about character-based leadership on LinkedIn and Twitter and as the group was beginning to grow, we each had different ideas about how to “apply” character-based leadership.  How could we actually make a difference?  How do we actually make the connection between our social-media interactions and our real-life world? In » Read More

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