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Calling All Leaders!

Leadership do what you know

I Don’t Care I’m sure it’s happened to you. It happens to all of us…you hear the words coming out of your mouth and before you finish the sentence, you realize you’re saying something an adult told you when you were a child. Something you haven’t uttered in decades. When I was eight-years-old, I joined » Read More

The Secret of Motivating Your People (Hint: It’s Not Exactly Up to You)

Carrot and Stick

If you’ve been in a leadership position for very long, you’ve probably struggled with the challenge of motivating your people. Perhaps you’ve tried various techniques like the carrot and stick, the inspirational speech, or annual bonuses. Maybe you’ve even read books on motivation like Dan Pink’s Drive or perused some of the academic literature on » Read More

7 Rock-Solid Leadership Lessons from Decades of Research on Motivation


The fact that you’re reading this article means that you were impelled to action. You were motivated. Perhaps it was because of an internal need to learn more about leadership or to become a better leader.  Maybe your boss told you to read it or you’re doing some research for a paper. Whatever the reason, » Read More

Your Bad Boss Didn’t Intend to Be Bad (and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate)

Your bad boss didn't intend to be bad.

Do You Know This Person? Have you ever met an aspiring leader who says, “I want to be a horrible boss.” No? Me neither. I’m not saying there isn’t a random psychopath or two out there, but for the most part, if you have a lousy leader in your life: Your bad boss didn’t intend » Read More


Empowerment Self-Diagnostic

dr ross wirth

Are you empowering your people to greater success? This is a self-assessment process to determine the degree to which others are being empowered under your leadership. Prescriptive actions to create a more empowering environment are provided as you learn more about your empowerment style. Step 1 Write down every decision made for one week. Include » Read More


From Idea to Action: 7 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Law of Motion

Have you ever had a really great idea, something you just knew you should do, yet somehow you did not act on it? Perhaps you even wrote it down while sincerely thinking to yourself, “I am going to do this.” It may have been sparked while you were in a meeting, attending a seminar, reading » Read More


Power Up Your Leadership Effectiveness – Use Your Inside Voice


Use your inside voice?  That sounds a bit strange for leadership advice. I know for those of you who are parents, this phrase sounds very familiar but in a different context.  When your kids are talking too loud indoors the common request is to ask them to “use their inside voice.” Who would think that » Read More


The Final Chapter

Writing Wallpaper

My father was in the hospital recently for treatment for a hemorrhagic stroke due to a rare condition he has. Fortunately, the stroke did not cause any permanent damage, only a temporary 80% loss of vision in one eye. While his vision is slowly coming back, he is frustrated (understandably) dealing with what he can’t » Read More


Be a Better Leader in 5 Minutes

be a better leader in 5 minutes

Knife or Screwdriver Picture yourself sitting down at a dining room table to change the batteries in a child’s toy. You flip the toy upside down and discover that a small screw fastens the panel you need to open to get at the batteries. On your table is a butter knife with a thin edge. » Read More


Words Your Team Won’t Ask For (But Desperately Needs to Hear)

Leadership Accountability

Serious Benefits Would you be interested in a leadership practice that would improve the quality of work for 80% of your employees? What if you could increase the productivity and job satisfaction of 93% of your staff? What would that mean for your team and your organization? Believe it or not, there is one thing » Read More

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