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Flexibility: Stretching Traditional Notions of Work

Flexibility - Matthew T Fritz and Heather L McGee

  “The key to sustained happiness, health, and longevity is flexibility.” –Ev Duran There is a parable here in Afghanistan about a mule and a well that speaks to the value of flexibility in our lives.  Having fallen into a shallow well, an Afghan farmer’s mule brayed incessantly while the farmer and his son considered their » Read More


Is Your Brilliance Hiding in Plain Sight?


You have your own way of getting work done through others.  As a manager, your own inherent values and ideas of how the world works (and should work) drive how you handle issues with the human beings in your charge. Something I notice with my clients and myself is that we often suppress our initial » Read More


Empowerment Self-Diagnostic

dr ross wirth

Are you empowering your people to greater success? This is a self-assessment process to determine the degree to which others are being empowered under your leadership. Prescriptive actions to create a more empowering environment are provided as you learn more about your empowerment style. Step 1 Write down every decision made for one week. Include » Read More


Strategic success through people


How prepared is your organization to implement your strategic plan and move the necessary change forward? Strategic success requires more than a strategic plan; it requires the right employees with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.   The essence of the Strategic Plan is the set of strategies that will » Read More


Be Glad They’re Telling You Off

Outrageous Coach

As a manager, have you ever been in a situation like this? You’re dreading this meeting.  You’re rolling out the new changes to the benefits plan.  Of course employees are going to be paying more for less.  Your goal is to keep the reaction to a low roar. One of your employees ambushes you in » Read More


Are You Ready to Dare Greatly and be a Wholehearted Leader?


I’m really taken with Dr. Brene’ Brown lately.  Brene’ is a researcher, social scientist, popular TED speaker, and author, her most recent book being, “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead.” There are a lot of places we could go in discussing Dr. Brown, her » Read More


Leading Skeptics and Believers

Leading Skeptics & Believers

If you are a leader you will face skeptics. They are the people who will dismiss ideas rather than offer ideas of their own. They will respond to “how can we?” with “why we can’t.” They will question actions planned and judge actions taken. They might even question your motives. The bad news is that » Read More


One Reason Your Employees Expect More and What to Do About It

boy in too big biz suit

“There is a hunger for higher purpose as our life expectancy increases.” – Raj Sisodia, author, academic, conscious capitalist The statistics vary based on the source, but basically we live in a time when the average world human life expectancy doubled in just the last 100-120 years.  Before that, life expectancy was capped at about » Read More


Meet Instigator Jacob Kache

jacob kache

Each month in our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our Instigators. The interview for May was with Jacob Kache, who works as a consultant for O.C. Tanner, a company dedicated to developing employee recognition and rewards programs that help companies appreciate people who do great work. Connect with Jacob either on their website or follow @OCTanner on Twitter. What » Read More


Creating Conditions that Allow for Consistency and Excellence

.2D with Shingo Award

Last week I signed up to write this blog post, and I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write a book review on The Outstanding Organization by Karen Martin. Although I read the book several months ago, Karen’s work has really resonated with me and has made a lasting impression. It’s not » Read More

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