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Must Wins


It’s never too early to start planning for 2015. What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to get there? What are the critical things you must accomplish, and what lofty opportunity would be great, though not necessary to attain? Must wins help us know what we must do! Read more


How To Be a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Traditional stone bridge in Epirus, Greece

Leading both a company and those involved with the company can be a stressful task, but this problem is made worse when you’re trying to lead others through difficult times. However, as an executive it’s your job not only to lead, but to ensure that those you are leading remain comfortable and confident in your » Read More


Sharpen and Supplement: Your Stock of Generational Leadership Power Tools


It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela  I consider my late maternal grandparents Joseph and Pearl Parker, of whom I was raised in their rural Virginia home, generational leaders and role models. From managing the many feats involved in cultivating our family’s garden, tending to the rest of the territory, raising children and » Read More


2013 and Beyond

World Dreams

We have another 26,000 years to get it right  – what is your vision for Year 1? The end of the Mayan calendar has caused great consternation around the world, with people cashing in their investments and giving them away; others going into major debt doing everything they have always wanted to do; or some, » Read More


4 Steps to Building an Emotionally Intelligent Culture


In an article last week, I discussed Five Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) Workshops Fail. In that article, I described research on efforts to enhance Emotional Intelligence  in the workplace and why it is often unsuccessful. I appreciated the wide-ranging comments, which added new perspectives and new dimensions to this topic. In my article this » Read More


Looking Back and Looking Ahead


As we move closer to the holidays, I find myself reflecting about the places I’ve been this year — both literally and figuratively: people I’ve met, lessons I’ve learned, choices and challenges. I also find myself thinking about where I want to go next year, as well: in the new business I’m building, in my » Read More


The Think Zone – New Year

Roy Atkinson is one of the cool people I’ve met on-line during this past year.  He’s @royatkinson on Twitter and a member of the Lead Change Group on LinkedIn.  He’s passionate about leadership and technology and hails from Maine.  I’ve even referred to him as the CHO of the group (Chief Humor Officer) because of » Read More

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